My thought for the week .... lol

From Feb 1st England will cease to exist in Brussels, they will have no say, no voice.

Whatever the loudmouth loons shout - England cannot survive without some kind of trade deal with the EU (distance / proximity being the main reasons)

Do you think that maybe ….. the EU, will ask/demand that NI and Scotland be allowed to hold secure referendums as part of the "trade negotiations"... ? hmmmmmmmm

@Teamemmenracing it would be nice if they did. I doubt it though unfortunately

@Humanistforindy ………. unless you consider that the EU wants Scotland and NI (more members is good).

and whilst England was in the building they would not be allowed to even talk to Scotland as a nation …..

@Teamemmenracing I just feel we're way down the list of priorities for the EU at this moment. I'm almost certain they will back us once we become independent but I don't think they would interfere prior to indy. Although I hope I'm wrong & you are right 👍


@Humanistforindy @Teamemmenracing I'm pretty sure the EU will be happy to have a new member with 25% of the EU green power generation potential.
That makes complying with the Kyoto protocol, and all subsequent world agreements to combat climate change, SO much easier for EU countries.
Add the new Oil&Gas fields we can open when Trident fucks off (we shall give the current ones to England to buy our independence) and we're a fucking good catch.

@Humanistforindy @Teamemmenracing I know the two boons look conflicting, but remember that there are a very large number of Oil byproducts that still don't have a direct equivalent we can replace them with.
Extracting Oil doesn't mean we must burn it.
And I bet that in the near future we'll find a way to use fossil fuels in internal combustion engines without killing ourselves.
Making them cleaner and better might be quicker than switching everyone to hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

@Humanistforindy @Teamemmenracing You may not understand how impactful is to manufacture a vehicle, regardless of its powertrain. At the point in time we are, before a new EV or Hybrid offsets its own manufacturing carbon footprint we've passed the climate change point of no return.
Replacing all internal combustion engine vehicles with "green" EV or hybrids has a manufacturing carbon footprint that will tip us over the edge.
Sort me this riddle out, folks.

@mreuroscot @Humanistforindy

Independence mean Scottish waters are Scottish - We cannot and will not give them away :)

@Teamemmenracing @Humanistforindy "Ownership" of international waters, the seabed and what's underneath it is a tad more complicated than that.
Currently active oil fields are burdened with extraction rights, existing contracts and more legal shit we don't need to deal with.
All them will be dwarfed by what's on the West Coast, currently banned from extraction because of the proximity of the BritNazi Establishment Penis Extension aka "The Nuclear Deterrent", conversationally referred as Trident.

@mreuroscot …. its a train of thought, but when Scotland becomes independent all contracts with Westminster become null and void. An oil company can have an agreement with a government to extract oil but it cannot own anything in international waters. If the statehood of the waters change so do the contracts - they are just bits of paper. When England is gone - they get to keep nothing, they have had enough already.

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