Yes, with Biden's inauguration we're going back to the status quo.


We're still dropping like flies from a fucking plague, cops are still shooting people in the streets, people are still being evicted, white nationalists are still organizing openly ....

Biden being inaugurated hasn't changed a goddamn thing. Quit acting like a miracle has just occured.


I haven't seen anyone claiming a miracle has occurred. But is it not fair to be just a little bit hopeful that things in the US may improve now that a much less extreme party is in charge of things?

We mustn't say nothing's changed just because things aren't perfect.

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@mtorpey Mr. '94 crime bill is only "less extreme" in that he doesn't say the quiet parts out loud unlike Trump. But rainbow coalition fascism with a fucking smiley face is still fucking fascism.

@AnarchyGrandpa That seems like an overstatement.
We've got to acknowledge there's a huge difference between the outgoing and present administrations in how they'll treat people and affect people's lives.

Surely we have to see there's a difference between "making things better too slowly" and "actively making things worse".

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