one time i dated a guy here who told me he didn’t know how to cook rice well & i was like “do you at least wash it first” & he goes “with soap?”

this is my villain origin story


if you wash rice with soap in front of me i’m phoning the police & reporting a hate crime

@[email protected] just call them and say "this person is washing rice with soap" and everyone including the police will go to jail for even being near such a thing

@notapostie yesterday I washed the rice and put it on to cook. But forgot to add more water.

@notapostie you ever see that one video from BBC about how to cook rice where they wash it after cooking it?
@notapostie I think they deleted the original video because of the backlash but there are still some response videos up

@PhenomX6 @Alex i’m vegan so thankfully this isn’t something that concerns me lmao

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