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Am I right in thinking that #matrix is the next generation of #email in the sense that it is distributed, like #xmpp ?
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Little shrines like these are a bit eerie.
The diversity of objects is interesting though.

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Quick tip, if your favourite site doesn't include an RSS feed.

If the site is based on WordPress, which the majority are, if you add "rss.xml" or "feed" to the end of the site URL it will give you a download prompt, this means it worked. Copy that URL into your feed catcher and voila:)

#rss #quicktip #subscribe

Anyone else have another tip?

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RT @mozthunderbird@twitter.com

#Thunderbird 78 is out! New Compose Window, Dark Mode, Account Setup & Management, the Calendar has been integrated, update to folder icons & colors, minimize to tray, and built-in #openpgp #encryption support. It's a big one! #FreeTheInbox #email


🐦🔗: twitter.com/mozthunderbird/sta

@resynth1943 are you fae Scotland?
Forming an XMPP room if you are and interested.

- What is your favourite network?


If I have missed one, let me know. Please

Currently trying to redact all messages from room's I created on . The processes is taking days. is going over 20GiB after a while, so I had to borrow a computer with more RAM.

All this because there isn't simple way to purge or delete messages.

When I asked on Matrix HQ, all I got told by admins was that my question was unintelligible. It is still unknown to me how and when matrix.org purges data.

This can't be good for and data ownership, even for encrypted messages.

Percentage of from sources in the member states.
ahead with over %50.

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