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Web tech is heck 

@olivia beautiful personal website. Well done 👍

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The weather hasn't been cooperating with me, so I took a break from the table and started to carve a tree spirit into a small scrap of wood I found a while back.
#mastoart #woodcarving #treespirit #workinprogress

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it's ok, I don't know if anyone will recognize them after all.

my avatar is a photography taken from I guess UAE of solar eclipse happen early this year -or late 2019- I get it somewhere from reddit. here is a few other shots I like.

- What is your favourite network?


If I have missed one, let me know. Please

Currently trying to redact all messages from room's I created on . The processes is taking days. is going over 20GiB after a while, so I had to borrow a computer with more RAM.

All this because there isn't simple way to purge or delete messages.

When I asked on Matrix HQ, all I got told by admins was that my question was unintelligible. It is still unknown to me how and when matrix.org purges data.

This can't be good for and data ownership, even for encrypted messages.

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Wrote a 🌐 in 🐫 . It's quite experimental and nameless.

If anyone wants to try it, I'll share some builds. and supported.

Percentage of from sources in the member states.
ahead with over %50.

Every day I pick people have discarded along my .

It pisses me off that companies are allowed to package or sell these. Young kids don't appreciate the impact yet. And then there are "grown-ups" that never grew up to the world's problems.

Then there is the hypocrisy of the "love where live", next to "not recycled yet". 😩

Please don't condone these companies, don't buy confectioneries in plastics.


If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet



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