I've been phasing out my mastodon use. To represent that, I'll progressively be unfollowing accounts, but may subscribe to some instead.

While certain no one will notice, if I'm wrong and someone wishes to keep in touch, message me directly, me instead or look for my status txt file (aka )

@orbifx I think the fediverse will miss you more than you'd suspect, but it's an understandable choice.

@orbifx Are you switching to another protocol/ecosystem or phasing out your social media use entirely?

@dmbaturin I'll be focusing on and s. With occasional

We have some nice here:

I'll keep this account for mentions and direct messages.

Thanks for the interest.

@orbifx do atom feeds even work for followers-only posts

@orbifx I'm just arriving and sorry to find you transitioning out. I found you through the trunk Privacy list. Not sure if you realized you are still there inviting for new followers.

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