@dmbaturin I'll be focusing on and s. With occasional

We have some nice here: lists.orbitalfox.eu/listinfo

I'll keep this account for mentions and direct messages.

Thanks for the interest.

I've been phasing out my mastodon use. To represent that, I'll progressively be unfollowing accounts, but may subscribe to some instead.

While certain no one will notice, if I'm wrong and someone wishes to keep in touch, message me directly, me instead or look for my status txt file (aka )

@encelado not read the article, but my answer is yes we should fear it.

@Midder they don't want to have their decreeing bothered?

Got till 1st of Oct.

@dmbaturin my solution is to move away and not add my projects to one location they can scan. .

Another one is to limit access to git repositories. I know some believe otherwise, but let's see how they'll solve the arising issues.

It'd be harder for harvesters to automatically find and register to multiple hosts. Also easier to spot in small groups.

No thanks to "fediverse" IDs, is federated enough :)

@encelado @quoll
fantastic! All the activity around us we are oblivious to most of the time 😄


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