Having a look through the rescuescottishpets website & there are so many lovely wee dugs looking for their forever home. If you’re thinking about getting a dog for Christmas please consider rescuing 💛

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@patkalynych I totally second that 👍 I'm on my 3rd rescue dog , had the first one from a pup til she was 8 and took cancer, 2nd was an oldie who truly appreciated a good home to see out his days, now have a young sprocker who has had 4 homes in his short life but hes home forever now ❤

@LadyMuckFaeStoorieCastle Love it! I have a rescue myself and getting him was the best decision I’ve ever made

@patkalynych they can be hard work but totally worth the effort eh this mad sprocker has tested oor patience to the limit but I love the bones off him 😁

@LadyMuckFaeStoorieCastle Aw bless. Mine is a Frenchie & they’re known for being stubborn so that was hard work in its own way 😂

@patkalynych aww I'd love a wee frenchie 😍 have heard they can be stubborn 😂

@patkalynych couldn't agree more. We had 10 amazing years with our rescue, Sam. Sadly we lost him last year. Was my best mate. ♥

@Chrisjcuthbert So sorry for your loss. Thank you for the lovely photo & happy holidays 💛

@patkalynych so many happy memories ♥. He was a belter! I love when people think about the animals in shelters. Warms the heart. Have a fantastic Christmas. 👍

@patkalynych My dog's a rescue from the SSPCA and despite some challenges at the start he's the best dog I've had. It's well worth doing.

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