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Is this true? Boris has banned Nicola from attending the climate conference in Glasgow, how is that possible?


Petition · Scottish Parliament Corporate Body: Keep the European Flag flying at the Scottish Parliament · Change.org change.org/p/scottish-parliame

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Hey folks

How are we today?
I'm seeing mention on twitter from various sources that there were hundreds of unionists yesterday protesting. Lets shut them up with evidence 😂👇

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Presumably - now that Westminster have said "no" and followed it up with "never, not even with proof that everyone wants it" - we can involve the United Nations now?

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That's WoS banned from the T forum, and now iScotNews...a fairly innocuous account with no bad language as far as I remember. There have been other individual accounts but now the Big hitters with huge followers are being targeted. Hard to see.

It’s true that I have been pricing a new sofa but will have to wait a wee while first. This is not a problem. However let me state here and now that I will not be buying at Harveys. I can’t read some of my apps for their ads covering them up so all they’ve done is piss me off

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