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Fun bird fact: Birds can go wherever the absolute fuck they want!

@TheKinrar Hey there, still can't complete my signup as an admin on Could you help? It's for

@TheKinrar Could you reset my admin registration request at I did it ages ago and forgot to follow up on it ๐Ÿ˜ž

Updated to 2.0.0, trying to update more frequently, and getting the hang of doing so with minimal downtime (finally)

Yay! v1.6.1 upgrade!

Boo! Upgrade caused downtime!

Fixed now. Soz.

Keen-eyed viewers will notice Iโ€™ve not actually tooted much. The concept of Mastodon is something Iโ€™m 100% behind but Iโ€™m really time-poor this year (8-month old baby Iโ€™m looking at YOU) and would love to see a decent iOS Mastodon client so when I _do_ have more time I can just rattle off toots on the fly. These things will all happen one day Iโ€™m sure :-D

Hey everyone, weโ€™ve upgraded to Mastodon v1.6.0 (yay!) AND moved to a faster server (yay!) so today is a good day for Mastodonning. Everything seems to have gone smoothly but Iโ€™ll keep an eye on things just in case...

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A thing that just popped into my head, so I thought I'd share: In case you didn't know or have never spotted it, the PlayStation buttons are numbered by how many lines make up the shape. This blew my mind when I realised.

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hey you young punks get off my mastolawn gosh darnit

@Duncan I think just got a little bit sexier. C'mere you great hunk of saucy cackle.

@TheKinrar Hey there, thanks for your hard work in setting up and looking after the instances list! Just a quick question - has had working SSL since I set it up, but doesn't show any SSL score in the instance list. Is this a common problem?

Are there any half-decent iOS apps for Mastodon out there? Amaroq was the only one when I got started and it looked a little rough around the edges.

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Upgraded to v1.3.3

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Grr, bit more downtime there. Clearly upgrading Mastodon is going to be a risky business for the time being. You'll be glad to know we _are_ upgraded.

So, the whole thing brought down by a missing comma. Someone else has already raised (and fixed) the issue here:

Apologies for brief downtime, a routine upgrade was wrecked by a missing comma in what appears to be a Japanese translation file. is now back online (and upgraded!)

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Watched Rogue One on Blu Ray. That was actually better than I remembered, albeit with more cat-based distractions than in the cinema.

The CGI people were not as bad as I remember them being - especially the brief shot of Young Leia.

Overall, Rogue One remains outstanding, and please Disney/Lucasfilm, make more stuff like that. Thanks.