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We should be using #unicode for social icons.

🐘 : Mastodon
🐦 : Twitter
📷 : Instagram
🚽 : Facebook

It all works!

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you, an amateur: potato

me, a professional: PROtato


Apologies, we've had some downtime today. This is embarrassingly due to eating a ton of disk space unexpectedly and, erm, running out. It now has more disk space. Won't happen again :-S


PARP! (v2.6.3)
HONK! (V2.6.4)
PRRRRRRRRP! (v2.6.5)

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had the distinct pleasure a couple weeks ago of watching two men on stepladders try to take down a sign only to find a nearly-identical copy beneath it. I swear they audibly groaned, it was like a dril tweet come to life

Nailed it on the fifth attempt. TAKE THAT, STEAMOS. I'm a PRO-USER and I'm GOING TO INSTALL YOU SUCCESSFULLY. So there.

I'm already on my fourth unsuccessful attempt to boot from a SteamOS USB stick.


For reasons too dull to explain I have a very small spare PC with a GTX 1060 in it.

I've got this funny feeling this is going to end with my trying SteamOS again, having learned nothing previously.


Four astonishing parps on this enormous brass bastard can mean only one thing.... upgrade to Mastodon v2.6.2.

That is all.

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It should not be this hard to put two GPUs in a single microATX computer

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the neighbors downstairs seem to be making a sound exactly like a freight train. maybe they're uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ummmmm having a freight train

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How does Poirot know the English words for 'dissembling' and 'mendacity' but not the English word for 'yes'?

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*trying to find cookie recipes online*
'My grandfather was a man of few words. Every Tuesday night we'd visit his house and-'
*scroll scroll*
[12 huge photos of cookies]
*scroll scroll*
'Back then, there were fewer owls'
*scroll scroll*
[6 macro shots of cookies]
*scroll scroll*
'We returned to Birmingham the next day. Of course, this was before Granny's tits fell off-'
*scroll scroll*
*over halfway down the page now*
[5 more cookie pics]
'1. Fuck into a bowl
2. On tray put th
3. Hot'

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@rodti "I have nipples, Greg. Are you going to milk me?"

I certainly didn't expect to read the words "The sow herself is reluctant to be milked" when I got out of bed this morning.

Are YOU reluctant to be milked? The BBC newsdesk team would like to speak to you.

I’ve just read the Wikipedia article on ‘pig milk’ and not sure how I feel about it.

What's the (preferably open-source, Docker-friendly) network mapping tool du jour? I'd like some pretty pictures of my hilariously elaborate home network setup, but with minimal effort.

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@envgen red hed ched ped, rot hot chot pot, rilli hilli chilli pilli, reppers heppers cheppers peppers

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