Just put a faulty Amiga 1200 on ebay, got 3 offers in ten minutes, accepted the best one for £150, then the barsteward cancelled with a lame excuse. Grr.
Relisting now.
All the money we are raising by ebay sales is going into a pot to get my daughter's partner a brain MRI privately, as the NHS is still trying to find anything but MS as the cause of his illness.

@wyliecoyoteuk Just saw this thread. Let me know where to look and I’ll see if there’s anything I can buy. Or failing that is there a donation page? Such a good cause.

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Thank you very much for your kind offer.
We are OK, looks like we will raise it easily, we don't have an organised effort, just selling stuff we don't need on eBay, Wounded birds and Facebook.

@wyliecoyoteuk OK, well good luck then, hope it all sorts 😃

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