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We should be using #unicode for social icons.

🐘 : Mastodon
🐦 : Twitter
📷 : Instagram
🚽 : Facebook

It all works!

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you, an amateur: potato

me, a professional: PROtato


Apologies, we've had some downtime today. This is embarrassingly due to eating a ton of disk space unexpectedly and, erm, running out. It now has more disk space. Won't happen again :-S


PARP! (v2.6.3)
HONK! (V2.6.4)
PRRRRRRRRP! (v2.6.5)

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had the distinct pleasure a couple weeks ago of watching two men on stepladders try to take down a sign only to find a nearly-identical copy beneath it. I swear they audibly groaned, it was like a dril tweet come to life

Nailed it on the fifth attempt. TAKE THAT, STEAMOS. I'm a PRO-USER and I'm GOING TO INSTALL YOU SUCCESSFULLY. So there.

I'm already on my fourth unsuccessful attempt to boot from a SteamOS USB stick.


For reasons too dull to explain I have a very small spare PC with a GTX 1060 in it.

I've got this funny feeling this is going to end with my trying SteamOS again, having learned nothing previously.


Four astonishing parps on this enormous brass bastard can mean only one thing.... upgrade to Mastodon v2.6.2.

That is all.

@kev @tootdon Same here, never worked for me which is a shame as otherwise Tootdon is great.

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@theoutrider My favourite thing about that game is how rubbish I am at it. That makes it better, because I mess up all my hits but always with hilarious consequences.

@theoutrider Oh yeah, I see in your other posts now ☺️ Can'f wait to get that, loved the first (well, the 2016 one or whenever it was)

@Inskora The only thing holding me back is the ENORMOUS pile of unplayed games I have. It's shameful 😳

@Inskora It sounds like that's probably about now.

@Inskora I mean, I've always wanted it but thought I'd hold off until Hello got their chance to get it where it needed to be.

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