it's fucked over there, it'll get even more fucked soon, and that whole fuckedness will spread over here, fucking all of us

can't wait ;__;

whether you're cis or trans, if you accept trans people but ignore or think less of or ditch the ones who aren't cheery all the time, aren't your idea of a "cute trans person", or have struggles that require you to accommodate them, you're actually still just a transphobe

I love how, in less than 24 hours, crossguid went from a terrible mess to something not only maintainable and useable, but it also has proper unit tests and CI.

I love working with my friends on NovelRT I swear. It's such a lovely feeling of collaboration. Dunno what I'd do without them.

OK enough with me gushing about how cool my friends are, good morning lovely people. How're you doing? :BlobHajMlem:

Uploaded pages 11-15 of Senhyakkin Chapter 11 on Patreon!

Pledge any amount for exclusive early access! 🌹🌹

Once the whole chapter is completed, it will be uploaded as usual on the webcomic page!

#kenshi #kenshigame #webcomic #webcomics #patreon

I have updated my profile picture to reflect the pride flags that describe me as it is now ✨Pride!✨
I've also done this on my art twitter but I've not like... 𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘤𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘵 or anything
I'm honestly still pretty nervous about sharing any of that stuff outside of the peeps I'm super duper comfortable with including my bf 😊

I'm nb and demisexual
though... I guess I'm also demiromantic as well 🤔
I don't know how to combine both demi flags tho 😔


✨ WOAH we made a game?! ✨

To celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, myself and a bunch of other autistic creators made two games - What in Carnation?! and Market Meltdown!

Both games feature autistic characters and are free to play individually or available as a $3 charity bundle

Link to original tweet below (link to bundle also included in thread, support is appreciated!):

Senhyakkin has a new set of 5 pages (6-10) uploaded on my Patreon!

Just a reminder, once the chapter is done it'll all be uploaded publicly on comicfury!

#kenshi #kenshigame #webcomic #webcomics #patreon

By the way!!

Senhyakkin Ch11 is getting incremental updates on my Patreon ( Once the whole chapter is completed, it will be uploaded as usual on the webcomic page!

#kenshi #kenshigame #webcomic #webcomics #patreon

Looks like there's amass twitter exodus going on. Lucky I already had a mastodon account. Welcome to everyone who just joined!

Considering using this platform due to the nonsense going on just now I suppose
Need to find all the twitter peeps :o

I am positive that this platform won't do me any favors, but I'm announcing it anyway: Senhyakkin Chapter 10 is out. Hip hip hurray.

Go read it here:

Or from the beginning:

#comics #webcomic #fancomic #kenshi #kenshigame

If I am a lucky dumpling, I might get to work for the NHS.
That would be kind of cool, I think

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