another sneak preview of Bojo's propaganda love-bombing plan to convince Scotland it is a valued member of the UK Union:

1 tell us we're a verminous race
2 tell us we deserve extermination
3 quote Burns in a Home Counties accent
4 refuse us a vote on indyref2
5 Michael Gove

more sneak previews of Bojo's propaganda campaign to persuade us how great the UK Union is:
1 video of Gordon Brown attempting to smile
2 Reese-Mogg reciting Burns
3 Ruthie sitting on a tank waving a Union Jack
4 FM speeches overdubbed with Anne Widdicombe's voice and words.

more sneak previews of Bojo's propaganda to save the Union:
1 heavily redacted, revisionist video of Bojo calling Scots a "beloved race"
2 posters of Gove on every street corner
3 glorious new BBC series about the Great British Empire
4 UK anthem broadcast every hour

another sneak preview of Bojo's £5m pro-Union propaganda:
1 Cockneys in the Blitz
2 Gove telling us how he loves being Scottish
3 Zulu and The Great Escape constantly on TV
4 Neil Oliver telling us we're Better Together
5 Bobby Charlton wearing a kilt
6 proroguing Holyrood

my spies have given me a sneak preview of Bojo's £5m pro-Union propaganda:
1 Spitfires
2 the Queen and her perfect family ruling over us
3 old blokes dozing in ermine
4 Churchill being a lovable racist
5 Harry Lauder playing the bagpipes, waving a Union Jack
6 more Spitfires

The Brexit Bill?

Scotland: witholds consent

Northern Ireland: witholds consent

Wales: witholds consent

England: we must unite UK. (by ignoring & overruling the needs and wants of 3 of its constituent nations. as usual).

The logic of the tyrant.

Peter Arnott: "It may be diff for Labour folk to accept, but a lot of SNP folk are kith & kin politically. A lot of us used to BE in the Lab Party and/or support it. We didn’t catch some sort of virus. We are Nats now because we believe in a different route to the same things."

Hey Boris
1 once-in-a-generation was not a promise written in stone (like your die-in-a-ditch one?)
2 UKGov has broken all the promises it made to win indyref1
3 things have changed (UK is taking Scotland out of EU)
4 democracy did not stop in 2014.
5 Scotgov has MANDATES.

"the desire for independence isn’t just a reaction to Brexit, and won’t disappear even if life outside the EU miraculously proves to be a great success. For some, the cruelty of UK benefits has been the last straw; for others, it’s the archaic nature of British institutions, the built-in elitism and inequality, the anti-migrant stance and the stunning ease with which devolved structures can be ignored and undermined when it suits Westminster politicians."

"Federalism is about solving a political problem for the Labour party in Scotland. It’s Labour in Scotland’s attempt to come up with a constitutional position that distances themselves from the hated Tories and the even more hated SNP."

in Scotland we now have a Sec of State imposed upon us by a Tory Govt we absolutely trashed in the last GE - a Sec of State who's a land-owning toff actually called (Union) Jack.
and he's just told us we're not getting an indyref IN OUR LIFETIME.

you cannot make this sh*t up.

it's quite simple - if any politician (except Unionists eg Corbyn) mentions the phrase "once in a generation" in any context whatsoever, then you don't get to vote again meaningfully for 25 years.

that's how UK democracy works, so clearly it was our mistake. awfully sorry.😐

living in Scotland these days, watchinghearing the @BBCNews or @Skynews is a surreal experience.
what fills the bulletins is all about a foreign, Tory country, Englandshire.
ScotGov's initiatives & achievements are always ignored, and instead we get Ruritanian royal nonsense.

"All members of our family in Scotland voted against independence in the 2014 referendum.

“But at the last general election in December, all of them voted for the SNP for the first time & would now vote for Scotland's independence."

All of this at least gives us an objective criterion for defining “most successful union”. The UK has been most successful union when it comes to devastating the population growth of its smaller members.

“It is little surprise ... that many Scots see themselves not as partners in a union of equal nations, but as a country shackled instead to a dysfunctional political system that is costing them dearly.”

"Westminster cannot insist that the SNP abide by statements that it made during the [independence] referendum campaign without itself abiding by the statements that Better Together made."

essentially, the EU Withdrawl Bill will say:
everything good about the EU we had? bin it.
everything awful about English Nationalism and Empire 2.0? bring it on, suckers.
you voted for a Tory PM who has been sacked twice for LYING - did you think we'd keep any of our promises?

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