Happy New Year to you and yours.

I raise my glass to you all.🥃

OK - here's one I wonder about. What's your view?

When does the next decade start?:

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Oh damn. Oh dear. I missed Lizzie on the tele earlier

I wonder if it's on catch-up so I can miss it there too

I wish all a wonderful day, but please do spare a thought, or more if you possibly can, for all those suffering through no fault of their own

Not everyone will be receiving gifts and a satisfying meal today

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Dear Liz,

Did you know that the quickest way between two shoulders is a straight line?

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New Tooters
Dont be disheartened to see your Toots not getting a lot of Boosts. We are all new and building our friends lists first to expand our reach. Boost and Star when you can to help others reach better.
Cheers My Dears 😘

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Here's a secret for new 'mastodon' users: there's actually no character limit at all

OK, I think I'm across, but I'm not seeing all the posts


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