Breaking news in the US: Mitch McConnell is forcing a Senate vote on his amendment to give Bill Barr warrantless access to Americans’ browsing history. I’ve heard a lot of bad ideas in my lifetime, but this is one of the worst.

UPDATE: this bullshit happened. One step closer to no privacy. Senator Wyden tried to introduce an amendment to require a warrant which got 59 votes in favor. It needed 60 to pass. The 10 Democrats who joined GOP in defeating amendment to stop FBI warrantless surveillance of web browser history: Carper, Casey, Feinstein, Hassan, Jones, Kaine, Manchin, Shaheen, Warner and Whitehorse. Joined 2 Republicans & a Democrat in not showing up to vote: Bernie Sanders

@thesunshinesushi Just to compound the oh-for-fuck's-sake:

<< Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, who missed vote on limiting government surveillance of Internet history, would have supported amendment, per aide. That would have given it 60 votes, had she been here. >>

@thesunshinesushi I really don't understand how Feinstein keeps getting elected.

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