I know others disrespect Christian stuff all the time, and it is literally the LAST thing that matters in priority order of world happenings, but... to use the sacred Word of God as a stunt prop by a man who’s never bothered to read it, let alone submit to it, especially as part of threatening military violence against US civilians. I CANNOT STOMACH THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR

The clergy of St. John's and others were actually teargassed along with the other protesters to make way for Trump's photo op, so...the church REALLY isn't cool with what he just did.

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Time to reflect has yielded: This is obvious descent into actual fascism tonight. One of the most shocking & disgraceful moments in presidential history. Donald Trump mindlessly, bizarrely, cluelessly holding up that bible-next to an all white retinue of confused staffers-will go down in history as an image of horror & dictatorship, right alongside Il Duce on his balcony, or Wallace in the schoolhouse door. Trump has always belonged in their company & tonight came completely out of the closet.

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