The interesting thing about capitalism is that it’s entirely incompatible with the future, so we’ve just decided to get rid of the future and keep capitalism

This is only going to work for a short while imo


I think technically Capitalism could collapse back into feudalism, especially since some capitalists are trying to engineer that outcome.

@K4mpfie @thesunshinesushi

I'd argue that it's quite difficult to predict how human societies will respond because it's a constant struggle between a multitude of factions.

Yes Thiel wants to destroy democracy, but there are also tons of people who like democracy and want to keep living in one.

We're in a crisis point, but we don't know how it will turn out as it depends on how everyone responds.

@alienghic @thesunshinesushi I'm not sure how much people actually like democracy. With dwindling voter outturn at the ballotbox I think it's more about keeping the status quo and keeping the peace and you can't really blame them for that.

@thesunshinesushi what factors might make it incompatible with the future? And what exactly is the future that it’s so incompatible with?

@edendestroyer @thesunshinesushi Have you looked at the climate, the ecosphere, the amount of earthly resources, the gap between the people in the world with the most and the least, or the amount the lowest classes are being squeezed? None of the things capitalism does to these is sustainable for much longer before things start to get into what future historians will point to as 'the interesting bit'. Some might argue that point is past, actually.

@thesunshinesushi I see this as a Mexican standoff, where everybody knows it can’t go on very long but nobody (countries or blocks) wants to be the first one to be less competitive, therefore losing an undetermined amount of influence which will be gained by the others. Current political situation only exacerbates this...

@thesunshinesushi That’s a new and really good way to put it. Good one.

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