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In case you were confused, it is an absolute embarrassment that a nominee for the United States Supreme Court was unable to name the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Me, trying to be inclusive at the start of prayers:
"here we are on a Tuesday, on the long path of being a human."
*awkward chuckle, hoping to convince everyone that I, too, am one of the humans*

“Yes above all things; justice, justice. If any preference may be shown let it be to the poorest or most abandoned.”

—Saint Mother Theodore Guérin, 1798-1856, Foundress of the Sisters of Providence

Today is world mental health day. For the past year I've been seeing a therapist. I hate it, which means its probably working. I have learned:

1. The only thing we have control over is where we put our attention.

2. You can’t close yourself off to icky feelings without also closing yourself off to nice feelings.

3. Welcoming difficult feelings often helps move them out of our bodies more quickly.

4. *Sometimes* fear is excitement without the breath.

5. Shame can’t live in the light.

TEEN 1: what are we going to do with all these masks when it's over
TEEN 2: put them in a box in a closet and then take them out to look at and say "those were some rough years"
TEEN 3: I think I'm not going to stop wearing them. I find them comforting. Sometimes I even sleep in mine. 😳

One of the teens I mentor told us all that today was the year anniversary of her realization that she feels closest to God when eating a huge burrito, which led to months of teens laughing as they reported sighting God in their burritos.

Hello people who use Jitsi, may I ask you a question? I know we've heard wild stories about Zoom meetings not using passwords and getting crashed by outsiders. EX: a prayer group I know of was bombed by a naked man waving his wang around on camera wearing a horse mask. Any such stories out there in Jitsi land? I ask for senior citizens who struggle with tech for whom one click is better than two steps to join

Me finishing mid day prayers when I'm not in the mood: "K. BYE."

This question from the UN Women (entity for gender equality and women's empowerment):

Do you think that women & men should have equal rights & opportunities?

| |
| |
Yes No
| |
Congrats Try again.
you're a

I keep encountering difficult situations today and I don't know how to respond to them. I want to ask friends for advice but also I feel like I should be able to trust myself enough to handle tough things on my own.

Y'all ever have those days where you just want someone else to solve all the problems that just keep stacking up? UGH

I find most conspiracy theories grotesque & pathological but it can't be denied that you don't have COVID-19 for four days. The science isn't there and something doesn't add up.

I honestly can’t tell if this week is finally going to blow up the LOL Nothing Can Affect Trumps 41% Approval Thesis, or just completely confirm it.

Maybe to be helpful I should make a list of authoritarian leaders who killed hundreds of thousands of their own citizens who were insufficiently mourned over the millennia.

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To clarify, I don't think it's so much God's will as the terrible choices he made and the terrible choices he encouraged in his followers that led to this eventuality.

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Four years ago to the day he openly mocked Clinton for coming down with pneumonia on the campaign trail. When asked about the COVID numbers of death in the US he said "it is what it is." I think I have more compassion than Trump, but I will not wish him well. My prayer is that the harm he causes will cease, and I let God choose how that happens. If you don't want people to root for your demise don't dedicate your life to making their lives worse for profit.

This dude is trying to burn our country down and progressive Christians really out here proof texting trying to get me to pray for his health?

white supremacy is a hell of a drug.

Some people wouldn’t know salvation or liberation if it landed in their lap.

There's this lady who - almost every time I livestream daily prayers - hosts a watch party on her own page. I am always bewildered by that, but it's really cool. Also, looking at stats since I started doing that weekly in March: if my hair is wavy, I get about 10 more viewers than if my hair is straight. WEIRD?!

my big social media move of the day is to change the status of a friend who is rescuing 4 kittens to "see first"

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