Also, your public posts can be seen by any other Mastodon instances that link to us, of which there are currently over 4,000. When you post do please be mindful of the wider Mastodon community!

That said, we were a great little site with a lovely community before, and now we’re a bigger site with a lovely community. So, whatever your beliefs, let’s make this a corner of the internet where we can be proud to be Scottish ☺️

@trumpet I agree and nice reminder to us all that the outside world can read our toots :)

We're definitely proud to be Scottish @trumpet
Sure we'll all settle in just fine. Great to be here. 👍

@trumpet Out of curiosity, are there any gaelic speakers on the server? (Or would such be frowned upon?)

There's quite a few people signed up for the Duolingo course now that there is one.

@Magess Go for it! I'm pretty sure I marked our languages as English and Scots Gaelic (somewhere) ☺️

@trumpet >any other Mastodon instances

dont forget pleroma, misskey, and the several other implementations of activitypub. mastodon isnt the only thing, dont propagate that misinformation

@wowaname Sorry! I’d tried to keep it simple for our new users and inadvertently oversimplified.

@trumpet understandable, but it gets more confusing when mastodon is used to refer to the flagship (, the software, AND the network. "fediverse" or "fedi" is the generally-accepted term to describe the social network at large

also welcome to fedi, i dont know when exactly came online, but i figure recently

@wowaname About two years ago actually. I run and so I've been active on the scene for ages. I'm aware of all the points you've raised but in that post you replied to I'd cobbled it together in hurry. Our user base has expanded by 6x in the last 48 hours so I've been a bit frazzled!

@trumpet ah that explains why i thought you were new; i did hear about the exodus of scottish users from twitter lately. i thought your instance was set up in response to that, not just popularised lol
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This is a Mastodon instance primarily intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish.