Ultimately, we've had over 800 new users in the last 48 hours and only two people have challenged our moderation policies. I'd be happy with a 0.25% failure rate in any aspect of my life.



@dr_fudge @AlphaEcho One was trying to find how far they could push transphobia on here (nine complaints from other instances), the other was harassment of a user on another instance (three complaints). The latter wasn't the worst I've seen, only a warning and we deleted the post to keep the peace, but the user wasn't happy with that.

@dr_fudge @AlphaEcho You can't please all of the people all of the time. As I've said in the posts I made this afternoon we'll try and be as balanced for everyone as we can.

@dr_fudge @AlphaEcho One of them has already set up an account on which I suspect will be more aligned to their views. the other is looking for another instance. It's important that it's not about whether or not I agree, but that these are public posts and are seen across the entire fediverse and can reach people who, like many of the Scottish influx, were looking for a safe space on their Mastodon instances.

@dr_fudge @AlphaEcho I'm really a very easygoing person. If you want to come and have a safe space for Scottish people to talk about Scotland then go for it. If you want to come here to continue some massive argument from Twitter about gender then maybe go to one of the instances where they discuss the sort of thing more?

@trumpet @AlphaEcho I've noticed one already today, it's just a case of politely reminding them "that's not what this is for" if they get all huffy it's block and report time

@dr_fudge @AlphaEcho Yes! What you said. Although bear in mind that these posts appear in the federated timeline for every other instance. That means that these could appear in the timelines of (for example) trans people. Which they then report, and we have to moderate.

@trumpet @AlphaEcho understood 😉 although I'm merely stating that I don't wish to discuss it rather than take a side

@dr_fudge @trumpet

Are you talking to me or Trumpet?

I am new here and not a mod

@trumpet @dr_fudge @AlphaEcho
Think that is what most people here want. The whole gender debate almost seemed forced onto people who supported Scottish independence on twitter.

@trumpet @dr_fudge @AlphaEcho
Lots of people think it's an anatomical reference, but it really is a fitba reference. That's why it's two words not one.

@trumpet @dr_fudge @AlphaEcho that's exactly why I like it here. ✌ I'm not alone in that.

@trumpet I missed what happened
Did a trans extremist cause the problem?

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