Hello everyone! We run as a free service because we love Mastodon and the fediverse, but it costs us money! Once a month we reach out with an appeal to our users for donations to help with our running costs. Even small donations are a great help, and all donations are very much appreciated!

Bitcoin: 1mG9mvpTnx2gv281mELaQu3tjC2dUM8RR
Ethereum: 0x4cFf1Af8A322507E2ef8ac1b8Cb9a539aD8671fB

@trumpet hi there, this is making a positive action for society, this is a dynamic way of giving resources to this community project. I have no idea who is behind this set up, a wee information page would be great, there is probably one already, could you please direct me to it. Written words can be miss interpreted, this is done in support of what you are doing. Peace and Solidarity, John

@Yes2020 Hi John, I run both and but use the @trumpet and @trumpet accounts to keep my personal account separate. Not hiding my identity, just would prefer a little privacy! I run them because I love Mastodon and I'm Scottish. No more complicated than that really 😜

@rodti @trumpet really admire what the mastodon community are doing, is my lifeboat away from Twitter, reading a book Atomic Habits, I understand why this community has got my respect and why I want to be part of it, cheers for setting it up, keeping privacy with giving us all this growing dynamic community will be a challenge.

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