Hi everyone! Our migration went reasonably smoothly but not perfectly.

Our first attempt to backup and restore the (compressed) 24GB* of core Mastodon files and databases failed. We tried again with uncompressed data and the migration worked perfectly.

The whole process took just over an hour.

The instance should now be more responsive, and we have plenty of room for future growth.

* Our media is stored in external object storage totalling around 600GB, but didn't have to be moved.

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@Jkp We run the instance in a virtual machine on a Proxmox host, so just use Proxmox’s internal backup/restore tools,

Aha! Well that's well outside of my understanding :)
Did you know why it failed to backup while compressed or do some things remain a mystery even to experts? :)

@Jkp Not sure! I’ve done lots of similar compressed backups and restores, even between different machines, so just one of those things!

@Jkp I could have sat and fiddled with it but since I didn’t want to delay getting the instances back online I went for the simple (but slightly slower) option and used uncompressed backups.

Well, based on my own experience of ranting at my phone yesterday because Mastodon appeared to have frozen I'm glad you were sucessful :)
I should pay attention to adequate warnings having been issued !

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