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I've had surprising traction with a few recent posts where I've tried to offer some helpful advice to new migrants to our fediverse (mainly incoming Scots but hopefully the messages are useful outside of our clique). As such I hope that the following more pointed message will be read in the same vein (it comes from a good, albeit firm place, though I expect it won't be universally received that way).

Those coming in from twitter might be excited by the relative freedom of speech afforded to them by landing here. If utilised with respect it can indeed be empowering, particularly for movements such as our independence movement.

However, the word respect should not be overlooked here. By and large the fediverse (all of our interconnected servers) are intolerant of discrimination, we have terms of service and codes of conduct in place to support both majority of users and minorities who haven't had this support elsewhere. If an instance doesn't share your outlook then it isn't for you, move along.. but if you happen to have discriminatory views which you can't suppress for the greater good then there are instances for you but be prepared to be isolated from the larger network.

Don't give volunteer admins a hard time because you can't reign in your views and abide by their guidelines.

We are also less confrontational than twitter, the name-calling, derisory tact that is commonplace there needn't be migrated here. Use your enhanced ability to curate your timeline and communicate in peace to communicate peacefully.

I'm only the admin of a small, closed instance.. but in support of those whose free time workload has hugely increased and for the health of this space in general, I am speaking up.

Henceforth, my political posts etc. will come from my new account @albannach

I'd normally CW this type of post but am sensitive to the fact that new folks might not notice a CW'd post at this stage. Apologies.
TIL there is a instance!

Excellent! small (relatively, no offence meant!) regional, interconnected instances makes me happy!
Christmas #1
🎶 🎤 Just hear those Tootlers, Tootlin
a root toot a loot alin yeah

You know it's lovely weather
For an Indy Together With You 👈

Outside while Twitter is fallin and
Exodus is callin Yoo Hoo😎

In here were nice and cosy
The future is rosy
The noo...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Ultimately, we've had over 800 new users in the last 48 hours and only two people have challenged our moderation policies. I'd be happy with a 0.25% failure rate in any aspect of my life.

You're always more than welcome to move tour account from one instance to another. Here's a guide:

We hope you'll stay. But if you don't we won't take it personally 😄

And remember, if there isn't an instance that fits the exact things you want to talk about, you're more than welcome to set up your own instance!

For example, there's a managed service here:

And you can moderate your instance the way you want to, and shape it around you. That's the beauty of the fediverse!

So let's be happy here, let's be Scottish, and let's be good to one another.

In summary, all are welcome on and we really want this to be a happy, safe place for Scottish people (or those who identify as Scottish) to discuss Scotland (including independence).

Please use common sense when tooting. Try to be nice to other users. We really do want to help you enjoy the whole fediverse.

We're not 'sticking up for A' or 'siding with B' when moderating, we're running a small instance to the best of our abilities and trying to find balance to keep the peace 😄

If we receive complaints from other instances on areas we are less knowledgeable about we may err on the side of caution when moderating. We will always use the lightest form of moderation we can. is administered and paid for by individuals, not a corporation. We do not have a legal team and a moderation rulebook.

If you feel strongly that you want to discuss sex/gender issues in detail there are over 4,000 other instances, some of which may be better suited to that.

This instance is set up for Scottish people to discuss Scottish things. We're reasonably knowledgeable about Scotland and feel we can moderate these issues in a fair and balanced way.

We feel this instance is a good fit for users who would like to discuss Scotland and/or Scottish independence (from either side of the argument).

I know some popular Indy figures have strong opinions on sex/gender. We are not experts on these issues and are less equipped to deal with moderation of them.


There have been a few questions over the last day day or two about our moderation policies. Where complaints are received from other instances we'll consider each on its own merits. Possible moderation actions include:

1) Do nothing
2) Warn the user, and optionally delete the post
3) Silence (mute) the user
4) Suspend (effectively delete) the user.

I know a lot of people have joined recently because of account bans/deletions on Twitter, and so I'd like to explain how we moderate.


gender recognition act, lgbt orgs 

its people like @trumpet and @stux who are making the fediverse an exciting place to be. thank you for your work!

A small but I think valuable piece of advice for new folks coming from twitter.. Make frequent use of mute, block and report.. there are no algorithms here that decide what you do and do not see, you curate your own experience.

instance (server) admins in general want to provide a welcoming and safe place so will usually investigate and respond to reports.. but are usually volunteers etc. We miss things if we are offline.

Also, if you didn't arrive en masse as part of a semi-organised movement and are not sure who to follow etc. check out trunk..

Take your time to get used the differences between here and twitter.. there's no rush ;)

Also, your public posts can be seen by any other Mastodon instances that link to us, of which there are currently over 4,000. When you post do please be mindful of the wider Mastodon community!

That said, we were a great little site with a lovely community before, and now we’re a bigger site with a lovely community. So, whatever your beliefs, let’s make this a corner of the internet where we can be proud to be Scottish ☺️

Just a couple more quick thoughts as our user count increases rapidly! Over 700 new users in the last 24 hours and counting. was started in early 2018 as a Mastodon instance for Scottish users

While we’ve had a huge influx of pro-independence supporters be mindful this instance is for all Scots, even those with different views. Please be respectful of others’ beliefs. We’ll always have to share Scotland whatever happens!

Hello, ! A brief : I'm a long time Mastodon user and a moderator at another instance, and because of my interest support for Scottish independence, I've volunteered to help with the moderation here. I'd be glad to help answer any questions you have as you get settled in.

Take a minute to look at this guide by @noelle which tells you how Mastodon is different from Twitter and shows you features you may not have noticed:

Just as matter of interest how many Independence supporters on here are planning to close their Twitter accounts?

Hi everyone, since we have LOTS of new users just a quick reminder here of our rules. We subscribe to the Mastodon Server Covenant (link below). This states that a Mastodon instance should have:

"Active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia

Users must have the confidence that they are joining a safe space, free from white supremacy, anti-semitism and transphobia of other platforms."

Please be mindful of these rules when posting.

Hello new users! Lovely to see so many new people on here 🙂

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This is a Mastodon instance primarily intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish.