Are there already people who operate a self-sufficient instance, e.g. off-the-grid with a solar module or something else? πŸ’š

@dch @greenfediverse We don't run our own Masto instance, but yes, we do run a lot of other FOSS services using our offgrid power system. For ourselves, we run standard services, email, nextcloud, weather, various other things.
We could run our own masto instance, but the one thing out of our control, decent connectivity, is currently an insurmountable obstacle.

@withaveeay @dch
What do you mean by "decent connectivity"?
Which energy do you use, i.e. how does your system look?
Would it be theoretically possible to also operate an instance with this system?
Thank you for sharing this with us πŸ’š


@greenfediverse @dch We are rural, & have very poor broadband, only to ADSL2+ standard, but we are far from the exchange. Not a good enough phone signal either.
We use solar and wind, as we are far north, and have virtually no solar in winter, when, apart from no strength in the sun, day length is just 6 hours. See
Yes, it would be possible to operate an instance with the system without any problem, except for the internet connection.

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@greenfediverse @dch Well in that case, before you begin, let me apologise for all the typos. I'm notoriously bad at proofreading.

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