I would just like to thank Mr Musk for having eyes bigger than his belly, as my granny would have said, which meant I, and perhaps many others, put some effort into Mastodon rather than the Other Place. It's much better here, and I find myself spending far more social media time here than there.

@withaveeay Hear, hear! I couldn't agree more. In my case the Musk loud mouth thing led to me reading an article that mentioned 'alternatives' to the bird place, and luckily quoted Masto by name. I'd been searching for an alternative for ages! But I only found out about Mastodon from than article. I'm very glad.
And the threatened takeover spurred me into taking on the learning curve. So backhanded thanks to the guy. Grudgingly.

@withaveeay Ha! That’s was one of my parents favourite sayings too. And to be fair, as a child, it was true 🙂

@ianbetteridge 😃 I was probably in my 20s before I understood it! As a kid, it just washed over us, like "Gentlemen lift the seat."

@withaveeay @pim I haven’t been to the bad place in a couple months. I checked up on it the other day, and I’ve got almost no desire to go back. I just miss a couple people I follow over there. I love the respect people on mastodon tend to use in adding CWs and captions. It seems like people post more about their day to day lives here. We’re not just all hyper focused on the handful of trending things of the day. I feel I’ve got a little more breathing room here.

@withaveeay @pim with all that said, Mastodon seems to be MUCH whiter, which is a definite loss.

@TheShellyTea @pim Yes, not just white but northern-centric. Would love to see more African accounts, but at the moment I know of only two. I fear this could be the big corporates regarding Africa as "growth" opportunities to the detriment of freer, more human services, or maybe running instances is harder.

@TheShellyTea @pim @Ebly
Yes. When I check my Tw*tter feed, it leaves me tense and with a feeling of, how can I put it, being told what to think, or being led. This must have been normal and everyday before I put the effort into a very different set of interests to follow on Masto.
The other interesting thing is that time improves your Masto feed, whereas it ruins the other place. Nothing to do with ads either, as those are filtered by my add-ons, and I never see them.

@withaveeay @TheShellyTea @pim Those algorithms just show me the same thing over and over, but tweeted by different people. They don't even show me tweets by all the accounts I follow (I miss waking in the middle of the night and seeing what the Aussies are testin tweeting about).
If I didn't have lists, i wouldn't even get to see my 'hobby' accounts.
Thankfully, that's not a problem here.

@withaveeay I have to say, I'm still on the bird app but this app is so much more calmer, peaceful.
I may not have any idea what people are talking about here but it's not a shouting match like over there.

@withaveeay It's true, my whole instance wouldn't exist if not for Elon! Thanks, buddy.

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