Again dipping in to the Napier Commission transcriptions for their Lochinver sitting in July 1883, eventually leading to more secure landholding. The injustice of those days make my blood boil
One minister saying how "scholars" at schools were taught well, but other kids were left to themselves. He was trying to change that system to teaching all the kids.
The Commission asks:
"And now you have given a trial to the other system?"
"And the stupid are to have their day?"
—Yes, to be sure.


The Rev Norman Nicolson MacKay was quite a guy. He made the Commission listen, in spite of the enemies he'd make wit this statement:

(1) A business man, a lawyer, is needed for the Highland crofters, to be at first appointed and paid by Government to take their side (the crofters') in all arrangements and disputes with the representatives of the proprietors, for the factors are always sharp business men, who regard it as their duty to do their very best for their masters

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