A visitor to the porch, and a reminder that I am a scatterling of Africa, as my spine goes ubberoobberragajjagajjagajja, and my feet are unable to take me closer.
Yes, I know it's only a slow worm, but if it looks like a snake & makes me quack like a snake, that's good enough for me.

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My camera claimed it was less frightened than its owner, but it did recommend maximum zoom, and stepping back three paces - for focus, it alleged.

@withaveeay when my wife recently saw a bunch of excited kids pointing at one saying it was a snake, in the middle of a school yard, she went and picked it up to deposit it in under nearby bushes. I think the kids and their parents, all unfamiliar with the leg less lizard, nearly fainted. 😄

@kensanata Now be honest - was she /absolutely/ sure it wasn't a small precursor of a gigantic kill-with-a-look snake she so casually picked up? 😉

Snake like lizard 

@kensanata Aaargh! I've already been traumatised once this week!

@withaveeay in contrast, probably every Middle-European: ohhhhh coool, I've never seen one, come here, have a look! 😁

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