Is there some site where I can calculate estimated solar panel output if I give it panel efficiency, latitude, tilt angle and panel direction/azimuth? I'm just too lazy to do the trig and also allow for movement of sun through the year.

@w_pettersson Interesting, but I doubt it. If your location is up or near a mountain, say, and is frequently clouded over, additional information would be needed to make such an estimate. Or if your location is a desert within the tropics, it might be easier to estimate.

@withaveeay Sorry if it wasn't clear, I don't want a calculator/site that takes into account anything and everything. I want something specifically to account for those things I mentioned (and ignores anything else).


@w_pettersson Perhaps one option is to ask people in the area who already have solar? Maybe there's a business / community-good opportunity here - a web site on which people can upload their solar info.

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