Some of my list of Scots-Afrikaans near synonyms. OBoW is Orkney Bot of Wirds, SD is ScotsDictionaries birdsite feeds.
Antere - andere - "occasional, odd" OBoW
Blessie - bles - "pale or, of a horse, having a white star" OBoW
Kist - kist - chest or box SD
Puddock - padda - frog
Redd - red - save, clear away.tidy (used in Afrikaans for "rescue" SD
Hairst - Herfs - Harvest (but "Herfs" is Autumn in Afr.) SD
Neist - naaste - nearest - SD
Skellum - skelm -



2. eme - oom - uncle, in Scots, specifically maternal uncle
timmer - timmer - wooden
gie - (note not gi'e) - gee - give
fang - vang - "catch" - OBoW
blide - bly - happy - OBoW
sikkar - seker - certain
Roup - roep - auction,
CLYPE (v, n): tell tales, strike (esp. with a strap) - Klap - OBoW
dook - dyk - dive

Sent to me from interested Scots speakers:
Unbekent - onbekend
Misken - misken
Lauch - lag

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@withaveeay I am not amazed. When I worked in the The Hague in the early 80's my manager was a Geordie who said that for him learning Dutch was quite easy as there were so many similarities.

Historically, there must have been as much communication across the North Sea East-West as North-South, especially for transport of goods, which would have been the main form travel for all but the upper layers of society.

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