"Lost Solace: Tourism, Social Media and Our Shifting Sense of Place in the North Highlands"
An article thoughtfully treating the issues of tourism and fragile areas.
Those followers who know Scotland and the Highlands may find this interesting.
I don't see this article as saying visitors are not welcome - they are very welcome. It's just acknowledging the sadness that an external reality is imposing.

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Thank you for the link to this article. It perfectly describes the sadness I felt when I was heading north again on my cycling trip this year. And also my disbelief at how much things have changed in just three years.
As an outsider, I had the option to leave the north earlier than planned. I practically fled from the #NC500.
I feel so sorry for you locals who have little choice but to cope somehow if you don't want to leave your homes.

@withaveeay Many years ago I can remember reading how tourism "took over" small Greek fishing villages. I have seen so much change in the countryside, but the generation before me saw even greater change.

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