Juts received these pics of the plans for "the old girl", Sea Jay, an Endurance 37. She was built in the late 70s by Knysna Boatyard for my "other father". I was at her launch, the very first off the newly re-established line. Sea Jay was cutter rigged.
I miss her terribly. She was a real seaman's (ungendered) boat. She looked after us in some horrible conditions off the Cape coast, and time at anchor or the mooring was just as magical.


Under sail, she was not fast, but oh, such a sea-kindly boat, and when her headsails were full, she felt she could wait to cross oceans (she eventually did)

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@withaveeay Aww, so cool. I've got a list of "unreasonable things to do with money", and items fall off and onto that list all the time...but owning a sailboat again is always item no. 1!

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