A bit of a shock to the wallet yesterday. It turns out our little car, Leo, needs some Big Parts replaced. The small oil leak is less of a job than we feared, but the prop shaft bearing on a Panda means replacing the whole shaft.
Where we live, a car is not negotiable, it's an essential, so we're having to work out logistics for getting the work done in October.

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Sympathies, I have one payment left to make on repairs to my car from last year, fortunately they had interest free terms with a finance deal from Bumper, which made it more manageable.
As much as I love living in the countryside it does make you dependent on having a car, as the public bus service simply isn't regular or reliable.

@LearnTribe Yes. We're 6 miles from the nearest PO, esseential to my wife's business. And the events she attends to reach customers would simply be impossible without a car.

@withaveeay best of luck, hope yous find a way and without much expense

@athairbirb Thanks. Looks like we'll not get change from £3k. This the first major repair bill in 55k miles, though, so we can't complaint too much.
But as I mentioned to @dimi a friend bought a 2nd hand Audi, got it checked by the RAC, and found weeks later he had a repair bill of £8k. Puts the costs into perspective.

@athairbirb We'll also get a couple of leisurely days in Inverness at the time of the repair, a caution in case they can't complete the work in a day. They want the car in at 8.00am, which otherwise would be a 5.00am start for us. I was half expecting the garage to say "make sure he doesn't have anything to eat after 9.00pm."
But we've had work done by Anderson Clark before and they seemed straight and efficient. Another garage couldn't even find the problem.

@withaveeay ooft, that is a bill one doesn't need! As you say, it could be worse especially with the components that are damaged there.

😆 feels too similar to the vets sometimes

@withaveeay I can sympathise. Tomorrow, I am scrapping an old Renault Scenic I've been nursing along for many years. Its time has come. End of an era. Sad times.

@jimdonegan In some ways it's strange how attached we get to inanimate objects. But then, we spend a lot of time in them, and sometimes they protect us from harm, and enable us to do things we couldn't do without them, so it's no wonder we meet them halfway, and see an intention on their part.

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