A change in our usual daily walk - we're not going that way today...

Strange effect of the haar falling off the heights, to disappear in the lower levels, today.

3. Solar (and wind) graphs are straight forward. But on the consumption side, it's harder to show something relevant. I am toying with the idea of making consumption figures negative.
But the good thing is, I now have plenty of data from good sources to do this.
On today's to-do list is to neaten the battery shed. There are wires and connectors everywhere as I have finished the prototype stage of the project.

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2. Munin graphing is a work in progress, as I decide what to graph and how to lay it out. For example, this is graph shows kWHrs consumed versus input. typically I reset this every week, on the existing non-connected meters, to give an indication of power balance over the week. Sometimes the battery voltage will be higher than expected, giving a false understanding of capacity. These data help understand the real state of play.

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The Great Power Monitoring Project continues.
My script has data flowing into a sqlite database every 5 minutes, as I found a way of making the script, which retrieves data every few seconds, only write to the database once every five minutes. Quite proud of that bit.

Latest with the power monitoring system, here's a screenshot of a web page that updates every few seconds.
This is all based on 3 PZEM-017 modules, feeding a single RS485-USB converter, as I have given each module a different address, so each can be queried in turn.
Today's task is to improve the script & turn it into a service on BatPi, the pi running in the battery shed. Also create munin plugins for the data, because graphs are best.

More progress. Now managing to get data from all three dingbums (Thanks to @pandora for the correct terminology) but just to screen for the moment.
Next steps are to log to a database as a five minute average, possibly log to file, and display as realtime as possible on a web page.
Learnt a lot about RS485 and modbus, and not so much about python serial incantations, which confuse me completely. Still struggling to see what people like about python.

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It may not look like much, but this is a big addition to our power system, the abililty to monitor the system and maintain records. Here is the second step, step 1 being to wire up the little device that does the work:
Next steps will be to wire up the two power inputs (this first one is the output), then get the code to populate a sqlite database, get the data into munin and then write a little html screen for an at-a-glance visual monitoring. Also maybe get monit to report anomalies

A courtyard in Bannockburn House, apparently home to some family of giant knitters

Day two of , and day two of yours truly as a yarn salesdroid, on herself's @helenlockhart stand. Just as well the yarn sells itself, and my duties are restricted to cursing the card machine. Wish us luck.

Rain showers followed by sun generating as much cloud porn as anyone could want, on today's walk.

My camera claimed it was less frightened than its owner, but it did recommend maximum zoom, and stepping back three paces - for focus, it alleged.

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A visitor to the porch, and a reminder that I am a scatterling of Africa, as my spine goes ubberoobberragajjagajjagajja, and my feet are unable to take me closer.
Yes, I know it's only a slow worm, but if it looks like a snake & makes me quack like a snake, that's good enough for me.

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