@neil Good grief.
In unrelated news "Crypt bro get-rich-quick schemers failed to get rich quick"

@FrankauLux Fortunately the lightning has headed towards the north coast.

Whoa! that strike close. See you on the others side, I hope....

@yngmar It;s not the DC side. To be safe, we have a nice big earth spike, and this can result in an induced current between the live and neutral. That's enough to trip the RCD units, which keep us safe. Better than an induced spike through the AC side.
And as @Jkp mentioned, our horrible old copper comms cables here seem best at sending huge voltages up the line at every opportunity. Most people around here lose routers & phones on days like this.

@fitheach Odd that you should say that as one cow lifted its tail and expressed itself in a definite passing event, just next to the holiday house on the hill.

If you have been following my attempts to get my power monitoring system going this week, here is a blog post on the subject

A change in our usual daily walk - we're not going that way today...

Strange effect of the haar falling off the heights, to disappear in the lower levels, today.

@edavies I knew mine wasn't elegant - horrible, in fact, but getting just minutes seemed hard work with python. Your code helpful, therefore

@edavies Thanks. That's the type of efficiency I prefer. Much better.

@edavies @FrankauLux And that is why I'm not, and never will be, a programmer.
I think one reason I found this confusing is that I thought the example code I had was good. Now I'm not so sure.
Anyway, it's all working remarkably well. Attached is the code to fire the database just once at 5 min intervals, while the entire script loops

4. By the way, munin is great for this type of thing. Some simple bash scripts that even I can understand, and the system merrily does the work of building rrd databases and graphing the results. So my scripts generate 3x csv files of just 4 data points each, which makes a "cut" incantation trivial to retrieve volts, amps, power and energy values.

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3. Solar (and wind) graphs are straight forward. But on the consumption side, it's harder to show something relevant. I am toying with the idea of making consumption figures negative.
But the good thing is, I now have plenty of data from good sources to do this.
On today's to-do list is to neaten the battery shed. There are wires and connectors everywhere as I have finished the prototype stage of the project.

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