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I'll not reply to a recent toot in my timeline, so as not to put a dampener on someone else's thread, but whenever I see something about self-driving cars, this is what I think of - our reality:

Saw a Youtube video the other day, which unexpectedly included someone with whom I was at school.
It was like looking at his father, including the impressive waistline.

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6. The fleeces will be sold to the ironically titled "Wool Marketing Board" at considerably less than the cost of shearing. The wool industry is so badly run down that there is no value in wool at the point of production.

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5. And here is they all are, from a different angle, safely penned in until they get sheared. They'll soon be scampering out onto the hill again, this time minus their hot coats and with some anti-tick medicine on them.

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4. All that's needed now is to sort the, err, sheep from the sheep. They'll be penned in until it's their chance finally to get rid of the hot coat.

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3. Aha, now it becomes clear. They're being herded into the fank.
Yes, it's shearing time. There is going to be a lot of hard, back breaking work today

2. And still they come. Led by a brave pathfinder, who only went wring once, but the clever sheepdogs soon sorted out the error.

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Morning walk, and it looks like a huge coach party has visited Clachtoll Broch.
Where could they all be going this July morning? Well, it is that time of the year...

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Clachtoll Weather Summary, Wednesday 27 July 2022

Temp: 13.5°C
Humidity: 84%
Baro: 1021.2 hPa falling slowly
Wind: 4 mph WSW
Cloudbase: 350 meters

Temp: Max 15.4°C at 14:59:04
Min: 11.4°C at 06:34:01
Rain today: 0.0 mm
Baro High: 1023.0 hPa at 00:17:31
Low: 1020.8 hPa at 19:50:50
Wind Max: 15 mph at 04:29:17
Avg: 7 mph
Humidity High: 92% at 03:55:06
Low: 68% at 15:29:14
Max UV: 8.0 at 14:09:27
Max solar: 831 W/m² at 14:09:27

It worked!
I think that's about right for an automated account - the Zambretti forecast in the morning and a summary in the evening.

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I'm hopeful that a weather summary for the day will automatically toot at around 9:00pm Clachtoll time from this account:
The scripts are working with the final madonctl incantation commented out, but we'll have to wait to see whether the cron gods step up or not.

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No really: there are a lot of content creators who really *do* want the old instagram. There are entire communities of non-video visual artists for whom Insta is *the* place to get their work in front of relevant audiences, and share it with other artists. Not all creative work is, or ever will be, video

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Clachtoll, Assynt weather forecast for today, Wednesday 27 July 2022:
fine, possible showers.

This is a simple once-daily Zambretti forecast generated from home weather station data.
Current weather conditions are at

If the weather is among your interests, please note I have added an account which automatically toots a forecast just after 09:00 every morning.
I may add another auto-toot at some stage of a daily summary but not more than 2 toots a day so that it doesn't become annoying.
Comments about this are welcome to me here, if you don't mind, as I might not monitor the automatic account as frequently.

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German visitors to @helenlockhart 's dyeshed today. It was a day when my appalling German was put to the test. But I understood that they needed a hotel for the night, having had to sleep in their van the last 6 nights. Most hotels on the NC500 are booked up but I managed to find one that had a room, and also managed to explain where it was. They're probably in their van now laughing their heads off at the dreadful attempts at their language, but at least they'll have beds tonight.

Hooray! The ammeters/power meters I ordered some time back have arrived in the country, though the delivery data is still given as Sept 12th.
Can't wait for these, as if they work, they will allow us to keep track of power inputs (solar & wind) and output (to the inverter) systematically rather than my glancing at the LCD devices and keeping track in my head, as we currently use.
There may even Be Graphs if I get the scripting right.

We have autumn in July.
The wind is blowing from the north at 20mph, the temperature is just 11.5°C, and at least one person in the household is decidedly grumpy.

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