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Would be interested to understand the problem with notifications.
CSD is gnome/GTK3/4 client-side decorations. I find it an irritating change, using space poorly, but worse, it's very unevenly implemented. But it is The One True Way in the gnome world that feels to me like their latest One True Way, no doubt to be followed by the next One True Way. And now the XFCE devs have chosen to follow it, and won't contemplate previous workarounds. Fair enough, there aren't many devs, & it's their project

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@neauoire I regret to inform you that tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day, the bane of all Actual Sailors

That concludes The Great kde/plasma Experiment.
The myriad little annoyances & bugs got the better of me, and those combined with a bigger issue, that the file manager cannot connect to NFS shares (but is happy with SMB shares) pushed me over the edge. NFS access has been asked-for since 2018.
Coming back to MATE, I realised how slow kde is by comparison.
I eventually got past many annoyances, but the ones that remained were just too irritating. But I wish the project & those who use it well.

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So are we supposed to bang pots & pans tonight at 8pm as a sign of respect?

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The Great kde plasma Tryout continues.
One thing it doesn't have, which MATE does, is the ability to delay autostart applications. So gajim (xmpp client) starts offline, because the network hasn't connected yet.
I didn't want to put it into a script with a "sleep" statement, so tried something else which seems to work - the nm-online command, which waits up to 30s for the network to be, well, online. Simply using "nm=online;gajim" as the autostart incantation seems to resolve the issue.

The IgNobel prizes for this year have been awarded, and some of the winners' work is truly magnificent.
One winner should really be mainstream: Citation: "Alessandro Pluchino, Alessio Emanuele Biondo, and Andrea Rapisarda, for explaining mathematically why success most often goes not to the most talented people but instead to the luckiest."

We needed a new toilet seat & were thinking about getting an electric toaster. We get gift vouchers for taking part in a covid survey, so decided to use these in a UK chain store to get both items.
I'm now picturing the faces of people who buy online, choose a toaster, and the store's algorithm telling them "People who bought this toaster also bought a new bog seat"

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> Atkinson Hyperlegible font is named after Braille Institute founder, J. Robert Atkinson. What makes it different from traditional typography design is that it focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability. We are making it free for anyone to use!

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Diana Chepkemoi resumed her studies today at Meru University of Science and Technology.

After near death experience in Saudi Arabia Diana Chepkemoi who went to Saudi Arabia to look for her school fees to resume her studies later and take care of her ailing mother, got a second chance from Meru business man Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru who cleared her arrears and paid current school fees and promised to pay until she graduate.

The institution also offered her a job while studying. It's power of social media that this girl finally got a second chance in life 🙏

I can now invent a procrastination meter for myself, a putoffeter(TM). It measures the number of times I toot per hour, possibly with an additional little bar graph of the things I should be doing but am successfully putting off.

@carl I used to use it in the kde3 days, and still have fond memories. It then became completely unusable, but some recent reviews by Liam Proven made me think I should give it another go. Also, although it sounds like I'm just grumbling in my beard, I am trying not to be too set in my ways. Yes, I know I'm failing at that... 🙂

Whoa! Some profiteering on Amazon. A Raspberry Pi 4 8GB for £290!

It seems you have to preface shell scripts with "bash <scriptname>" rather than just <scriptname> in kde. It does not feel very unixy at all. Why change what the kernel can cope with? This worries me.

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My attempt to run, and like, kde plasma continue. I have some bash scripts that run on startup, but simply cannot get them to run under kde. I've now spent an hour trying various options, all of which fail. So far kde is a weird mixture of nanny-desktop preventing normal things from happening and extreme controllability. It feels unmanaged, sprawling. I'm persevering and hope to tame it, but if I find many more such obstacles in the way of the desktop doing its job, I'll go back to MATE

Just heard from a friend whose family have managed to get a vomiting and diarrhoea bug. I've told him we have enough trouble with people here wanting to hog the throne.

For those here outwith Scotland but seeing an indifferent approach to the monarchy, this article may shed some light. Even the BBC having to acknowledge that things are seen differently here.
"The monarchy's delicate Scottish balancing act"

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@withaveeay I gave up on KDE long ago for similar reasons. Too fiddly and way too many configurable choices that I just don't need in my face all the time. I settled on Cinnamon and have not looked back. But KDE still seems to me that it SHOULD be great...

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@mackaj Not even close.

The monarchy is far from symbolic. It has real powers that are used to manipulate laws and influence (and dismiss: see Whitlam, Australia) governments both in the UK and beyond.

Add to that the UK's broken first past the post system and the unelected House of Lords that includes members of the clergy. Then remember that the monarch is also the head of the Church of England - another institution with influence.

Democracy? No.

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