There’s nothing inherently important about the change of year, but it does have a psychological impact and provokes us to look forward.

This new year, let’s not look back as if the mess in the UK and US is our fate but forward, using the past only as a guide and not a master.

This year, let Scotland be free and America be redeemed. Let the good folks who can see the vile folly of this nostalgic slide stand up and firm, and bring those deceived by unthinking bias and avarice forward with us.

Sunrise over the St. Joseph River
Mishawaka, Indiana (2019/12)

The view from our third floor window.

Canon R | RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM | 1/8s 𝑓/8.0 ISO100 35.0 mm

Dawn on the St. Joseph River
Mishawaka, Indiana (2019/12)

Canon 5DM4 | EF16-35mm 𝑓/4L IS USM | 2.5s 𝑓/8.0 ISO100 19.0 mm | Lee CP

Dawn on the St. Joseph River
Mishawaka, Indiana (2019/9)

Canon 5DM4 | EF16-35mm 𝑓/4L IS USM | 2.5s 𝑓/8 ISO100 32mm | Lee CP

on the St. Joseph River
Mishawaka, Indiana (2019/12)

Canon 5DM4 | EF16-35mm 𝑓/4L IS USM | 2.5s 𝑓/8.0 ISO100 19.0 mm | Lee CP

Dawn on the Magothy River
Maryland, USA (2018/6)

Canon 5DM4 | EF16-35mm 𝑓/4L IS USM | 25s 𝑓/8 ISO100 31mm | Lee CP

Grey Squirrel
Mishawaka, Indiana (2017/4)

Canon 5DM4 | EF70-200mm 𝑓/2.8L II ISM USM + 2x III | 1/250s 𝑓/6.3 ISO250 400mm

Common Grackle
Mishawaka, Indiana (2019/6)

Canon 7DM2 | EF70-200mm 𝑓/2.8L IS II USM +2x III | 1/250 𝑓/5.6 ISO400 400.0 mm

Dawn on the St. Joseph River
Mishawaka, Indiana. (2018/9)

Canon 5DM4 | EF24-105 𝑓/4L IS USM | 100s 𝑓/8 ISO100 33mm | Lee CP

Black-capped Chickadee
Mishawaka, Indiana (2017/4)

Canon 5DM4 | EF70-200mm 𝑓/2.8L II ISM USM + 2x III | 1/320s 𝑓/6.3 ISO640 370mm

The Ferry Chippewa on Lake Huron
Mackinac Island, Michigan (2017/10)

Canon 5DM4 | EF50mm 𝑓/1.2L USM | 1/125 𝑓/1.2 ISO100 50.0 mm

Mishawaka, Indiana (2019/8)

A new version of one of my favorite shots.

7DM2 | EF500mm 𝑓/4L IS USM | 1/320s 𝑓/7.1 ISO100 500.0 mm

Scottish nationalism will be a historic thing, taught in schools to explain where the Scottish republic came from.

It will also be used to teach children the difference between pernicious nationalism of empire and exceptionalism and aspiration of a people for a national vehicle of self expression.

But in the end, Scottish nationalism has no value in itself, and can’t be used—as British nationalism is—to rile people up and get votes by populists.

ends nationalism and starts Scotland.

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All Scots will never agree on everything, how could they?

In Scotland there will be liberals, conservatives, Greens, socialists, and many other sorts of political views.

But the one thing there won’t be in an independent Scotland are Scottish nationalists because the sort of nationalism that Yes brings ends itself when it gets the nation it aspires to.

This is nothing like the kind of nationalism coming from Johnson and his helpers which is about exceptionalism and xenophobia.

Anyone who believes schemers in London can do better for the people of Scotland than Scots in Edinburgh hasn’t been paying attention—for a very long time.

It is very hard to understand how Scots can support the Union. It’s out of comfort, ignorance, fear, or greed because it can’t be from a clear-eyed look at the facts and logic of the Union.

The only other explanation is that they truly “feel British” and to them Scottish is the same as being from Liverpool.

But that’s not good enough.

Many thanks for the information
Managed to sign up & verified 👍

The creation of the Union was not an act of democracy, it was a business deal between the elite of England and of Scotland.

The current state of the Union is not a democracy, unless you claim Scotland has no distinction from England, and no say in its own affairs.

Devolution is a scam, designed to give Scotland responsibility without authority.

Establishing democracy in Scotland requires , and a successful campaign for a resounding Yes vote.

Like an iScotland, is a place where Scots can express their consensus without the constraints and controls of others.

I look forward to it, and really hope the tone is very positive because the positives of a free Scotland are much greater than the negatives of the current, unacceptable arrangement.

Positivity here can be taken back into the world and shown to people who don’t yet understand what Scotland means...

For those people that listened to me when I said to sign up at you can now use that to verify your identity on here, and on Twitter to let people know you are the person they think you are!

If you haven't signed up there, do it now, it will be very valuable as things heat up, I promise.

When I recommenced to Jeggit I didn't know there was a .scot instance. This is actually the best idea, and I am very happy to see it. Thank you @trumpet for making this possible!

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