Follow I am sure that he is just trolling us by saying this. This is the reason that newspapers are dying. It would be nice to think we could do what Liverpool did to the sun and basically just get rid of these shitty newspapers by simply not buying baby of them !

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@Jab64000 it's telling that in the one part of the UK where The Sun is banned and likely other papers are not highly circulated either, the Labour vote was massive. Well over 70% in most areas and some it was up at 84% if anyone was looking for proof that the media is complicit, the Liverpool General Election result is definitely it.

@asjmcguire what papers do they read in Liverpool? I am betting they are full of their own propaganda lies as well though ?

@Jab64000 I honestly don't know, but I'm wondering if because The Sun is banned, there is a much higher distrust in papers in general? Basically like Scotland 😋

@asjmcguire interesting thought - someone on here must know?????

@Jab64000 I shall leave you to try and find out. It's almost 9am I absolutely need to get some sleep 😉

@Jab64000 indeed. Or even the mummy or daddy. Sorry couldn't resist!

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