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The most common national celebration on Earth is a holiday shared by 65 different countries, on different days in each country. If you average it out on an annual basis, this holiday is being celebrated somewhere on the planet once every six days:

Independence from the British.

my Alabama musician friends who live in Oregon are all gathering because one of our pals is coming through on tour.

I just told them I can't go to dinner with them or the concert. I love them. I want them to enjoy it all. But no way could I. It feels really scary to tell people you care about where you are in life when it's so different than where they are.

They are excited. To me, it's unimaginable to do what they're excited about. This pandemic is so weird. So weird.

Why do I keep wasting my time reading the rants of old white conservative Christian men that always boil down to "it's the young ones' fault, it's the women's fault, it's the queers' fault, it's everybody else's fault but mine".

It's always judgment they crave, never justice.

my first thought, when I hear the news that my least favorite Georgia legislator is getting a divorce:

i also wouldn't want to be married to Majorie Taylor Greene

“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goeth)

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I am trying very hard to put my health first. I have no understanding of how to rest.

I thought I knew how, but turns out being anxious while seated - that's not it.

What are your go-to things you do to rest?

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And other times I think maybe I just need to be medicated.

Would it make anything better? Are these feelings and examining them of value? Should I try to make them less?

It's not like any level of medication would change that I have trauma in my past that needs healing, or anxiety that is nonstop. Those are always with me to be fought, or accepted and explored.

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Maybe sorrow, hopelessness, demoralization is the only way to sink all the way down to the very bottom of the heart - and to release the vision, yearning, prayer that can only rise from the very bottom of the heart.

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I’ve been trying to sit with the mechanics of affect lately, not just the sensations of pleasure or pain

“What is this awful sinking feeling for? How is it redistributing my energies and why? What is it doing?

Rather than - “I am sad and I don’t like that.”

It helps me with-stand

I'm not sorry that I am sticking to my values and it means I am losing my job. They can kill each other and their elderly relatives this winter when BA2.75.2, XBB, and BQ1.1 roll through as vaccine evasive as they are. Leave me out of it. I know I have an overactive sense of responsibility, fear, guilt and whatever else, but it's fine with me that I try to live by:

1. Impact > intent

2. We are all “good” and “bad”.

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The vast majority of people view themselves as victims instead of perpetrators. They don’t mask and say, “I’ve accepted the risks that I may get covid.”

I never hear them say, “I’m fine potentially killing someone by not wearing a mask.”

And that is the damn problem.

I would like to find a work culture where the general thing that keeps me there is not fear. I don't know if this is possible.

The legal industry's retention methods have always relied less on job satisfaction and wellbeing than on fear and uncertainty.

Am waiting to see if I am fired from my job. I've worked there four years. For the past year they have wanted a return to in person and I have been like "sure! be right there!" but then just stayed working from home, full good energy and effort. This will not fly any longer and they WANT ME IN PERSON. very stressful, to say "yeah, I'm not gonna do that" and wait to see what is next. I have never had a bad performance review, and just received a bonus for going above and beyond in the pandemic.

Declaring the pandemic "over" when it's the third leading cause of death means
1) it's a lie
2) it's an attempt to normalize this new mortality level.

Either one is murderous.

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I hope you can find a therapist who helps you stay in the sad and expand your window of tolerance rather than find the “silver lining” like that’s some kind of cure.

Bureaucracy sucks but we gotta worry I guess. are they safe and are they making safe food, and...? aw.

We have been happy with the relationship and their work and their awesome energy. We like their work. We want the space to be available to them.

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Kind of awesome thing - this anarchist group called the Free Lunch Collective has been using our church's kitchen since 2020 to make meals for homeless folks.

We are talking about making them an official ministry of the church so they can have our insurance. They might not want to affiliate with us, and we might not want liability for their actions, another option is to ask them to get their own insurance...

Why *is* the entertainment industry doing such a kickass job with COVID19 protections? It’s the only industry I know of that is still generally practicing exemplary COVID19 mitigation. Thoughts?

mental health 

ooh my sense of impending doom is really putting a cloud over my ability to move in the world or accomplish anything.

Biden saying the pandemic is over is sinister and terrible.

combine that with waiting to know more about my Dad's cancer diagnosis, combined with my grandmother being on hospice, combined with 50 things happening at work that cause me to be anxious.

And not doing things that need to be done personally.

Using all my coping skills. It is not enough.

I'm loving some of the things UK parents are saying/doing to their kids about the queen's funeral...

My 13 year old walks in and sees the tv: “my god, is this funeral still going on?”
British husband: “she woke up, so they had to start over again”
13 yo; “what?!?”

Another one of my US people told her kids they "had to wake up at 6 am and stand in front of the television saluting until 4 pm this afternoon. I however am exempt as I am not British."

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