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The most common national celebration on Earth is a holiday shared by 65 different countries, on different days in each country. If you average it out on an annual basis, this holiday is being celebrated somewhere on the planet once every six days:

Independence from the British.

I don't know why, but news/jokes with the specific word "little" in them have been getting me this week. Like

the Queen proving to us all she can't be dead because there she is, looking like a "little banana snack" in a yellow outfit,

a woman who has drank her iced coffee waiting for the leftover ice to melt so she can have a "worse little drink"

and with the formula shortage and the Elon Musk stuff "it's been a tough week for little babies"

In the US the same GOP who supported $1.9T in billionaire tax cuts is now blocking legislation for baby formula funding, to stop gas price gouging, and to cap insulin at $35.

This is what a war on not just the poor, but also working families looks like.

All those celebrities who were talking about how shaken they were by a slap "blah blah blah where do we go from here" for days have not said shit about the Buffalo shooting. I'm sorry, was that not traumatizing in your world?

Ok: I always try to tell folks that we have to stop & take in any moment we are receiving something, and mark any moment we feel peaceful and grateful.

Me, feeling grateful right now, gotta do this myself: I talked to a lady who rescued a difficult dog today & told her how happy I was the dog had her - you shoulda seen her light up. Saw astounding flowers & clouds. Got caught in rain - felt cold rain on my face. made visible progress on a big work project; Grateful for any progress. Also love.

I know the lawyers bringing this case and I just think it is SO cool:

A lot has been written about Henrietta Lacks and I think there is even a movie about what happened with her.

I keep thinking about this Alice Walker quote:

“I am an expression of the divine, just like a peach is, just like a fish is. I have a right to be this way...I can't apologize for that, nor can I change it, nor do I want to…”

I refuse to devalue or be ashamed of the person God created me to be and the gifts God gave me. At times I may distrust myself, but I refuse to finish myself.

“There is something deeply hypocritical about praying for a problem you are unwilling to resolve.” ~ Miroslav Volf

Dementia is weird, man. My grandmother (age 98, lives in a care home) has told us that she is growing an extra toe, and she wanted to warn us because it is genetic, but she isn't worried about it. She likes it because she doesn't have to put on a shoe to go to the dining room.

crystal ball - pessimistic 

Some people have the bad luck to live through terrible times, and those bad times can go on for a very long time. Nothing is promised about our future. Bad things don’t end just because we’re tired of all the awfulness.

here is a photo of a book page from something about Renaissance Manuscripts that illustrates that the past is full of people having...not fun.


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crystal ball - pessimistic 

...2 continued...more wars, more disasters, more economic and political instability to match the level of personal tragedy, all of which we collectively are going to try to ignore instead of righting things, which is what allows bad people to have a lot of fun
3) related to 2, the US is no longer a global superpower and will be a failed state by 2030
4) I used to be fun at parties. I can no longer be fun at parties.


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crystal ball - pessimistic 

I am not in a good mood, so I am going to unleash what I actually see as reality of covid and geopolitics in this moment. There is love and grace and good things, but those are not the things ruling the world in the next decade.

1) covid is nothing like the 1918 flu pandemic. A more apt analogy is cholera in the 1800s that killed and debilitated large parts of society for decades

2) our world is going to be increasingly unstable because of 1 and climate crisis.


The UK hostile environment for immigrants with the Home Office deciding for the whole set of countries extends to ignorance of Scottish culture and a failure to ask anyone who knows about what would add to the culture in approving "highly skilled" visas

Funny comeback: it matches my lingerie and I will not be breaking up the set.

Mean comeback: oh we can take off our masks? I can't wait to tell my family! I will start with my cousin Melba, my great Aunt Virginia, my great Uncle Bobby, and my Dad's first wife Sandra! Oh wait. I can't. Because they all died of covid. Fuck you.

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I was just thinking about how wild it is that we couldn’t even agree to all wear masks at just the grocery store and pharmacy… like two places that would be no nbd for people but would probably save some vulnerable people’s lives.

I'm just glad no one has ever said anything to me asking me to take my mask off. Because I have a mean comeback and a funny comeback and I don't know which one I will choose.

When I organize something - put it in an order that makes sense to me so I can have things in a good place for my little life - it causes a level of satisfaction that is honestly ridiculous. I am the audience for Marie Kondo, I guess. Or Swedish Death Cleaning.

White supremacy pol, Buffalo 

The problem of course, is not that white men and boys are filled with impotent rage. The problem is that their rage is perfectly potent, totally capable of being enacted and vented on the world at large. We must rob them of this ability, if we cannot rob them of their woundedness.

There is no time to wait until we educate the ruling class out of their White Supremacy. We do not have time to hope that the people in charge will renounce the White Supremacy that animates their systems and gives them power. We must strip them and White Supremacy of its power

The music of church can have some wonderful language in it. This one, for example

"That 18 year old thinks he killed those people for you, if you are a white person. On your behalf. Unless you oppose that with your bodies and your words, you are complicit in his act."

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