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The most common national celebration on Earth is a holiday shared by 65 different countries, on different days in each country. If you average it out on an annual basis, this holiday is being celebrated somewhere on the planet once every six days:

Independence from the British.

y'all ever think about how the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ has only been actually typed once by a single person and everyone else who has ever used it has just googled “shrug emoji” and copy-pasted it

Signed in Paris, in 1295 – The first treaty forming the Auld Alliance between Scotland and France. Cool.

Today on a walk, I spoke encouragingly to a small dog (off leash) approaching me with its owner. I stood still as the dog walked to me and ... the dog leaned into my legs and sat (plop, full weight) on my feet! It was the most snuggly, calm pup greeting I've ever received. Then, with a laugh and permission from the owner, I petted the little guy. Dogs are so, so wonderful.

What a long week. Today marks one year that my grandfather, Harold, died. He was 99 and it was a wonderful life, ended well, too, but it's still emotional. My grandmother, Helen, was not without him for 70+ years until he passed. She's been in the emergency room this week (same as the Queen of England, she needed some rest).

Gotta be tough to be in your late 90s! Thankful for our elders and we must keep them safe (masks! vaccines!) - that our lives may fuller, richer be

Joe Biden coming out every day and announcing which of his priorities Manchin and Sinema have forced him to cancel is a pretty pathetic spectacle.

I taught a class and was trying to say something friendly yet noncontroversial to end it and this is what flew out of my mouth:

"I hope you now are going to drink some hot tea and have a sandwich, like your favorite kind of sandwich. Have a good night everyone."

I am really the weirdest and I hope they think I'm cool, but now I'm pretty sure NOT COOL but maybe endearingly nerdy? Eh.

May you heal your ability to trust yourself so you’re no longer thrown off course by the opinions of others.

Stop polling the audience. Start trusting you.

I am not enjoying human interaction with people I don't choose.

I know I'm an introvert, but today I'm like more like an impatient hostile introvert.

«why have i hated instruction, and my heart consented not to reproof?»

what comes next with COVID 

All these people describing everything they do as post-pandemic - all I hear is them sounding a lot like they are all losing their sense of taste in the next 2 months or so

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You know how you're supposed to take regular screen breaks and get up to move around and look away from the internet?

Yeah, I never do that.

what comes next with COVID 

Dr Larry Brilliant, who spent his life eradicating deadly diseases like small pox, said that the end of the pandemic is long term - like 5 - 6 years out. he also said it's wrong to say that it's endemic. We are not there yet. Listening to this podcast on where we're headed with these waves - no way to know a pattern yet or see an end, even now, 2 years in:

We gotta stay somewhere between "baby's first rodeo" and "I don't have a single yee haw left in me" (pictured)

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Whomever decided that any number of rodeos after the first rodeo was enough to be fully competent, I'd like a word.

To be clear, I should not make it sound like a small thing that this man has prayed for years and he loves it - that's cool! I very much respect that.

To me, showing up for prayer over time is the important part. Relating his subjective experience is less important.

You can't tell someone how to pray - they have to experience it for themselves. There is no goal or outcome to be gained from prayer. I've cried in prayer, felt like I was floating, thought I felt God there. But did I?

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bug - sting - yeeouch 

Yesterday I was awakened by being stung on the lip by a yellow jacket. I was in bed! IT was in my bed. Unbelievable.

Pro tip - I've never been stung before, I was really scared. I washed my lip with warm water and soap and kept ice on it for most of the day. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Today it's itchy!! But I feel like I got off easy.

Maybe getting stung in the face is not getting off easy by any measure, LOL

Some of it felt like he was bragging about how good it feels and close he comes to God when he prays - it made me feel jealous until I realized it is possibly horse shit. I don't think years of contemplative prayer lead to more successful prayers; that's just his opinion. Can any one person be closer to God than others? Maybe in their own opinion, but not in the eyes of God.

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Last night a senior monk from my order taught/gave us a lecture on contemplative prayer where he read from a paper, repeating a talk he wrote years ago. He discussed authors he found helpful and his own process. His delivery was dry, but I didn't hate it, because I've learned so much from sitting with my Zen sangha that I might have been able to teach this class, too.

What's it really like to live in Portland? This! (ok, really NOT this, but enough reality in here that it's funny.)

I love the phrase "more or less" because the meaning it imparts has absolutely nothing to do with the words More or Less

"He was more or less happy with the decision"

Not more happy. Not less happy. Neither more nor less happy, but somehow more or less happy

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