Ah, 'tis that time of year again! The time when all the first year law students send me their draft documents to review using the word "honed" - besides knives and budding legal careers, I can think of no other context where this word appears, and I kind of hate it.

Frida Kahlo 'relaxing' maybe we should follow her example? Be still and know...

Remember the good old days when you could actually get the most important facts of a story right from the headline?

Today this story would be entitled, "You'll Never Believe What Happened When a Man Picked Up This Duck" along with a photo of an unrelated duck.

Or possibly entitled, "Duck Blinds Iowa Farmer" along with the least flattering photo of the duck they could find

This is an absolute nightmare. I get they were going for a "fun" Halloween COVID update and they have a very hard job but this ... this does not work. (Oregon Health Authority telling us 3 people died while dressed like a clown 😳 😥 🤡 )


Me: uh oh, did you sign a waiver?
John: No, I did not. I'm just learning via this article.
Me: Misread the title of the article as "Evan Dando Penis Memoir."

LOLOLOLOL good stuff

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"One thing I know about Evan, no matter how out of it he ever may seem...he is mentally as sharp as they come and he remembers everything. So yeah, we should all be a little nervous! All, meaning all of us sucked into the chaos of the Lemonheads touring juggernaut." - my friend John Strohm, just now, who is a little nervous rollingstone.com/music/music-n

Today @dogo talked about the importance of blinker use in driving. I thought:

People who don't use their blinkers can go straight to hell. Or left. Or right. The whole point is - we don't know because they didn't indicate. 😂

You know what would be a great thing for the House and Senate to do IMMEDIATELY if the Dems win?

Reauthorize Section 2 of the VRA. Make specific, on-the-record findings of states shutting down voting locations in minority neighborhoods. And make it applicable to all 50 states.

this election decides an extremely important question, does donald trump get to die of old age many years from now in a comfortable bed, surrounded by the excesses of his immense wealth and his adoring sycophants, or does that happen plus he also sends me to the gulag

Just heard an attorney say they had more cases about denial of SNAP (food benefits) in two months than they did in an entire year when the pandemic hit in the US. When I was unemployed for 11 months, being able to eat took so much stress. Hard to hear reality of how widespread the struggling is, even though I'm aware in a vague sense that things are bad.

I feel like my friend who is staff for this women's lawyer group was pretty on point with this invite to a Zoom holiday luncheon:

So, please join us and build yet another "only in 2020" memory that you will be sure to treasure for years.

i am not done yet

as possible as yeast
as imminent as bread
a collection of safe habits
a collection of cares
less certain than i seem
more certain than i was
a changed changer
i continue to continue
what i have been
most of my lives is
where i’m going

-Lucille Clifton

My ears have never been such a hot commodity. Glasses, mask, earphones, hat, all vying for the space of my wiggly, sensitive ear cartilage. The competition is fierce. I can't believe how weird this time is, even in small ways. Never thought I'd say my ears are inconvenienced, or being strangled. Help.

In a service celebrating the feast of St. Luke. The question we are asked as we enter the community, when we get our habits, and when we take out vows is: what do you desire? over a lifetime I wish to surrender to God so that the persistent movement of God will lead me to wholeness, which is communal. This desire has no limit.

I feel like this will resonate with this audience. Here's my understanding of the plot of Moby Dick, edited for mastodon, please enjoy:

( • . •)
/ 🌊 < I like the ocean, come at me, all ye crashing waves and all that's in the ocean I can take it for LO I am, like, a fearless sailor

( • . •)
/ > 🐳 oops not you

(I've never read it, it's on my list, feel free to correct me here)

I'm having one of those days where my stomach hurts because I gave and received a lot of information and news that I did not want to give or hear. I don't like having opinions. I don't like sharing my opinions when I have them. I don't like conflict. Why am I even a lawyer? UGHHH

Apparently this is the proper response to reviewer 3:

"Reviewer 3, thank you for pointing out that our car with rusted doors is not a horse. We agree that it is indeed not a horse and that our car is limited by it's not horsiness. We have noted this limitation on page X."

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Me trying to get a crash course in academia etiquette:

Peer review is wild. It's like if you took your car to mechanic and one mechanic said: "we noticed all your doors have rusted out, you should fix those" and another said: "LOVE THE RUSTED DOORS, but have you considered adding a flame thrower?" and a third said: "it's not a horse."

Today in “America is spiritually forming the church not the other way ‘round”, saw a Baptist post a Book of Mormon verse with nationalistic tones colored red, white, and blue. And no, the individual didn’t know it was or check it till after posting.

“Racism opposes the order of Eucharist.”

––M. Shawn Copeland, Enfleshing Freedom, pg. 109

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