in meditation: Yes, it is scary to leave what you know in search of something truer and deeper. To even be able to ask questions of self-actualization is a privilege. Poet Robert Bly wrote: Always cry for what you want. It is rare that a person regrets seeking to have their needs met.

Hey beautiful city, when it's time, please take me in. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤️

in meditation: boundaries do not diminish love; they improve the conditions for it to exist.

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I'm glad I'm a citizen, because otherwise I don't have enough points to live here. The only one of the criteria I meet is that I speak English.

FYI King James IV put twin babies on an island to see if the children would speak the language of Eden. Children developed a communication method but the experiment failed because no one else knew what language of Eden sounded like. OH HI THE MIDDLE AGES EVERYONE

Psychologist Erik Erikson believed that the virtue of hope develops in the earliest years of life when we learn whether it’s safe to trust others or not. If having hope sometimes feels difficult, it's not your fault. It is never too late to learn to trust and have hope.

One of the people who cried said that this was the first community where he ever felt safe in his entire life. The other simply said "the impact of this group on me has been... (a huge pause where he spent about 2 minutes trying to collect himself and we all sat quietly)... profound."

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I joined a nonprofit board and I attended my first meeting last night. The Treasurer had an obvious black eye (a rather large guy, and he didn't want to share how he got it) and two people cried when asked to say what the nonprofit meant to them. Gonna be a good change of pace for me, I think.

in meditation: Mythic stories since time immemorial have linked folly with holiness; those who dare to diverge from society's negative conventions bring the medicine that a sick society needs. If you want change you must break rules.Those who don't will stay bound to the decaying matter of the past.

in meditation: Avoidance can so easily become compulsive; when we avoid a feeling, we reinforce the belief that that feeling is dangerous. The more danger we associate with the feeling, the more aggressively we avoid it. So we're not at all free from the thing, we're enslaved by it.

in meditation: living well is something like a musical conductor, managing sound and silence. It is about striking a balance between willpower and allowing. You have to know when it is time to push or when to ease up. In either case it takes confidence to know you’ve done your part. A real challenge is to learn the difference between the discomfort that comes with moving in a new way and pain that comes before an injury.

My grandfather, who is 98, had some wisdom to share on Valentine's Day:

Forget the coronavirus, look what you could've died from in London, circa 1632!

[Tag urself, I'm prest to death]

in meditation: A teacher is a vessel for certain knowledge and has the important job to awaken the wisdom inherent in each of us. Eddie Stern wrote "devotion to the guru is meant to symbolize devotion to the teachings, not the man." Mind the need to project your power onto someone else. It is you.

The Trump administration is sending elite units, the equivalent of Border Patrol SWAT teams, to sanctuary cities to help ICE round up undocumented immigrants. These tactical teams will be an interesting and not scary at all choice from a government that claims a commitment to federalism and local sovereignty.

in meditation: If you believe certain feelings and thoughts are dangerous or should never be experienced, you will base your life around avoiding them. This will radically limit your options over time. The life you want is beyond the feelings and thoughts you are unwilling to have.

Scotland launches unique effort to restore peat bogs; globally peat bogs hold one-quarter of world's soil carbon despite being just 3% of land area

Lots of friends have taken a NYT quiz to determine what US presidential candidate is best for your political views, and have been shocked with the results. I don't trust the quiz. How about this one?

in meditation: Coming up against a blockage of any kind is a sign that something is your life is trying to move in a new direction. Even identifying a block as a block is itself a form of growth. Give yourself credit for seeing that there’s work to do. Be gentle and patient.

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