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I’d like to begin by welcoming our new Patrons and thanking long-time Patrons for the continuation of your support. I’ve, hopefully, earned such excellent support. Typing up your requests from the excellent ‘Gazetteer of Scotland‘ (1847) has fair kept me busy over the last couple of months. 174 articles later and I felt a break was needed – it’s not nearly so random and interesting if we spend our time on the one thing forever...

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It’s been a busy couple of months since my last update. I honesty hadn’t realised it had been so long, – used to be a near daily thing. I’ll try to get the order of events as close as possible to how they occurred chronologically...

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RSH Newspaper Research

The British Newspaper Archive have provided us with banners for the site - anyone subscribing to them, via RSH, will now be helping maintain the site ☺️

I go to them for most research - their search function & filters are really useful to refine your searchings - most recently I was curious about the Flannan Isle Lighthouse mystery and so they were my first port-of-call for more info 😁

Pinned post posts only publish automatically to Twitter & I'm terrible at remembering to share them on other platforms, sorry. If you're into translated-from-Gaelic traditional popular tales head here -

Stories added on a fairly regular basis.

Patreon set up for those interested in obtaining ltd edition hardbacks of RSH publications -

For Railway Incidents, added by month super regularly see here -

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I guess my first toot would have to be to let folk know the 'Treaty of Union Articles' (2019) is available in paperback & kindle versions.

telling us exactly what the issues are with the union between Scotland & England.

Information that's incredibly still so relevant today.


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