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I guess my first toot would have to be to let folk know the 'Treaty of Union Articles' (2019) is available in paperback & kindle versions.

telling us exactly what the issues are with the union between Scotland & England.

Information that's incredibly still so relevant today.


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@FlikeNoir it's really interesting how cyclical these debates are. They seem to have barely moved forward.

Wish I'd clocked that in the Treaties book before writing my answer 😂

Rev. David Macrae... was a Home Ruler and staunch protestor of English centralisation, the use of England/English in place of Britain/British within Scottish school history textbooks and, even worse, within international treaties negotiated by Westminster... It’s with thanks to a very generous donation from a RSH supporter, Adam Baird, I was able to acquire this publication.  I look forward to making a start on its upload to the site.

Next RSH publication, 'Scottish Railway Incidents: Part I - 1900-1903', just about done. @Phooney1's just finishing the illustrations ☺️ It's about 100 pages longer than the 'Treaty of Union Articles' (2019) which covered 2 centuries 😆

To celebrate Global Pride in 2020 today, I thought I'd share my research from the British press with regards 🌈 Pride in Scottish History 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

The Maps of early Scottish territories got quite the look-in when posted to the site about a week ago. At that point I only had volume 1 of this set, from which the maps came, but went to try and find an affordable set. Here they are. I love the choice of binding. The books definitely stand out on their shelf. The choice of red-edging for the pages too seems like a bold choice.

I’ll be uploading these some time in the near future,..

Just bought a wee bottle of something special to celebrate the re-release of 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891) after more than a century hidden in the dark recesses of big libraries & private collections ☺️

Share share share - let's get this wee suppressed book some publicity.

'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891)

“If we do our duty we will be classed with the wise and good Scots of the past; but if we falter and fail to assert the rights of our country in this crisis, then our memory will be covered with eternal infamy.”

Ken at iScot Magazine has taken my transcript of Charles Waddie's 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891) and very kindly published them in a free format for people.

Read & share please. Time this suppressed wee publication saw some light 😉


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re: Scottish history, politics 

Just finished reading this.. it is alarming how little has changed.. except perhaps greater ignorance of the history of the union..

Very much worth a read if you're into that kind of thing..
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That's the entirety of 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891), including full Appendix notes, now available to you.
The author, Charles Waddie, is a pro-unionist Scottish Nationalist, because such people existed in Scotland prevalently pre-World War propaganda.
I can't recommend this book enough to Scots of all political persuasions. Please make time to read it. It's so valuable for its information.

This Charles Waddie book, 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891) is associated closely with our publication and I genuinely have a desire that every Scot read it. I feel it's really important. There's a reason it's not available anywhere. Trying to upload it as fast as possible so it exists for folk.

Answers all the questions 😉

'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891)

Chapter VII. - Fire was immediately set to the house, & the blankets in which she was carried out were in flames before she could be got out. She was placed in a little shed, & it was with great difficulty they were prevented from firing it also. The old woman’s daughter arrived.., & assisted the neighbours in removing her mother out of the flames & smoke, presenting a picture of horror which I shall never forget,.."

'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891)

Chapter VI.

"There was nothing done by Government.. to promote the well-being of the people,.. & so little did they think of the liberties of Scotsmen that.. kidnappers freely exercised their odious calling & shipped many a score to the American plantations, where they were sold as slaves,.."

The promised book has arrived-ed-ed! I'm excited to get started on it. A wee reminder of its title; 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament and What Came of It' (1891) 😉☺️

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