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BREAKING- FM confirms Lord Advocate of Scotland will be referring to SCOTUK (Supreme Court of the UK) to confirm legality of proposed referendum. If it comes back negative the next G.E. will be a plebiscite

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We are having a referendum on the 19th of October 2023. We are going to win it.

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🗳 And the proposed independence referendum ballot paper.

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✉️ First Minister @NicolaSturgeon@twitter.com’s letter to Boris Johnson.

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Scottish Secretary Alastair Jack doesn't recognise the pro-indy majority at Hollyrood as a mandate as "less than a third of electorate" voted for SNP he claims...

So what the f*ck does that say about Brexit referendum result then?

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@border_scottish@twitter.com Shot Dead whilst not cooperating with Police who decide they want to arrest you for loitering with intent to protest?

The Death Penalty returns to separate us completely from Europe!

These two clauses are sufficient for Scotland to make an UDI.

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In case anyone missed this the new UK bill of rights allows the death penalty if that's the sentence of a court

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On the day that “noisy” protest becomes unlawful under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, at least 20 police officers have just surrounded anti-Brexit protestor Steve Bray outside the Houses of Parliament and seized his loud speaker. @LBC@twitter.com

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Today we slipped further away from Democracy and further into Darkness..and we did it quietly with little or no protest. twitter.com/ReverseGirraffe/st

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@KayBurley@twitter.com @CraigWHoy1@twitter.com @ScotTories@twitter.com Scottish Parliament is elected by proportional representation. A system designed Not for majorities, but for coalitions. If he's complaining about 'grubby deals' he'd be best looking to his party in Westminster. I seem to recall £1B to the DUP - now THAT was a huge grubby deal

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@LiamM70@twitter.com @dh4onethingonly@twitter.com His dance has stopped but we remember his music.

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@LiamM70@twitter.com @dh4onethingonly@twitter.com I choose to believe that exchange actually happened when Adams died. 😁

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@LiamM70@twitter.com @dh4onethingonly@twitter.com I choose to believe that exchange actually happened when Adams died. 😁

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Give more to the less well off and they'll spend it in our economy. Give it to the richest and they'll stick it in the Cayman Islands. Trickle down is bollocks.

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