This seems like a pretty good idea from @Fairphone. Phone subscription that gets cheaper the longer you have it and has a system in-place to reuse parts and recycle what can't be reused!

@athairbirb @Fairphone

Fairphone's offer is currently limited to the Netherlands.

If you are located in France or Belgium, you can also have a look at


@athairbirb @Fairphone
I mean this definitely seems good, but wouldn't it be better if instead of renting, users bought the phone with the ability to trade it back in after they are done, and get a partial refund dependant on the state of the phone and the number of years it has been in use?
Like I get the circularity advantage of a rental system, but it also means that after paying for the service for five years, you still don't own the phone.

@athairbirb @Fairphone
also like, this trade-in process will encourage users who wish to upgrade their phone (for example, from Fairphone 3 to Fairphone 4) to give their old phones for recycling rather than keep them laying around.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong/missing something!

@Yuvalne They provide something similar with their reuse and recycling. You get a gift-card, which I guess isn't quite as you describe.

Blog post about it:

@athairbirb I see. I'd prefer it if it were an actual trade-in rather than getting a coupon, but it definitely has its benefits.

Also, it seems that blogpost no longer exists (it returns a 404) but I found this page instead:

@Yuvalne ah darn, it worked for me earlier on.

Actual trade-in would be sweet, I agree 😁

@athairbirb @Fairphone I wouldn't be so excited about the idea. 21 per month is a lot for a phone you dont even own

@r0br0t it seems on-par with lots of contract based phones where you get the SIM too, so I can see the appeal there

@kattiekat it does! I think it'll work quite well, pricing it's not so mad compared to other contract phones

@athairbirb @Fairphone unless they offer the very latest iPhone Pro Max, then it's not a good thing at all.

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