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Pinned: Your necessary reminder of the White Rose movement, a group of young people who saw what was happening in front of everyone's eyes, and acted, while their elders did not.

Once again, no-one "consumes" music. At no point does anyone listening to music reduce the supply of music to anyone else or somehow use it up. Whatever the marketeers dreams are, there is no implied "get-it-while-you-can" shortage to listening to music.
The same with news. News may be read, listened to or watched, but it's never used up.
if $LANG_ABUSE in $MARKETEERS !=0 then exec <MAJOR_RANT>


Classic Westminster: Ensuring the headlines are screaming about the "U-turn" on the 45% tax bracket, while continuing to target the poorest with cuts to services. It takes a special type of banker to perceive the vulnerable in society as liabilities to this extent.

On a similar topic, I love this artwork, and look for it when visiting the National gallery in Edinburgh, but it's sad that John Duncan only added gulls rather than St Bride's servants, as part of it

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Reflecting on St Bride.
An oystercatcher, gille-Brìghde, the servant of St Bride, this morning.

The beach is crowded this morning.
(Sadly, a few dead gannets, victims of bird flu, on the tideline as well. Gannets were diving for food in the bay, but so many have washed up. Such a sad end to such graceful birds.)

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re: Musk, more evil 


As far as brain chip startups go- don't use them. I have some personal experience with this.

My wife has a specific kind of seizure. She was pushed by Sutter Health doctors toward a "new implant treatment" being offered. They were putting these chips in several patients a day. After some digging, I found the neurologists at Sutter were putting them in any patient that said yes- for treating seizures, migraines, chronic pain, you name it. This gave me a very bad feeling, and I dug a little.

In the process of researching the chip, I found it was controlled with bluetooth. I then asked for a copy of the API, or a spec sheet on the communication protocol. I would even sign an NDA. I wanted to evaluate their wireless security protocols. They refused. That clinched it for me- we left that practice and found much milder medications that took care of my wife's seizures.

One of our friends got the chip. It really made her worse, and then had to be removed. Basically, these companies aren't just experimenting with monkeys, they are already doing it with people.

So, with my experience in mind, nothing good is going to come of this or any startup that is trying to do direct brain chip interfaces. Think dot com style software development, but with your brain. Don't ever do it.

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Old man yells at cloud 

"Wild swimming" is such a dumbass term. It's just fucking swimming. Nothing wild about it. You do it wherever there is water in sufficient quantity to swim in. It's just called swimming.

I keep seeing this stupid term and it makes me angry every time.

What's next, "wild walking" because it's outside, not on a conveyor belt in a gym?

Wild breathing, because you're using air supplied outside your Nestlé air subscription?

#Rant #Swimming

It's still breezy out there, but we needed to get out for our morning walk. The usual picture taken at the turning point of our circular walk.

The BBC, as the Mouth of Sauron, telling people what to do to pay for Westminster's follies, and their tax breaks for the rich: Work every hour you have.

It's still wild and wet out there, but we all have to eat.
Fortunately, the wind has blown this dandelion over, making it easy for this goldfinch

We have a line of hills to the south east that shelter us from winds from that direction.
Today, the wind was due to back to the south east before veering back to the south and south west. Here's the way the wind charger reacted to that period.

Ears are popping as gusts hit the house.
Meanwhile, what will next week bring us ....?
I've now ordered a rain gauge for the new weather station, rather than relying on some horrible software kludge to retrieve rain data from the old system.

Having converted my flac files to opus, I've found minidlna won't play them. Fortunately, just 27 days ago, a commit has added support for opus:
Just compiled it on Alpinoni, the music Pi, and it works a treat.

Every time @welshpixie toots a photo looking towards the mountain under which I was born, I hear Abdullah Ibrahim's homage to it. He must have been as inspired as perhaps only an exile can be, as the music, for us, /is/ The Mountain.

I do rather like lighttpd. Config files even I can almost understand, rather than not understand at all, flexible, and so, so fast, even on lowly hardware. The biggest issue is I run it on debian and opensuse, so I have to remember the differences. The way opensuse lays out the config files is so much clearer and easier.
I did have some trouble a while back translating some very specific .htaccess requirements for a particular application, but the forums & key developer were super helpful.

Into the light: Stoer beach cloudscape, at low tide today

Loads of lovely liquid light on Preas Loch, widely acknowledged as the very navel at the Centre of the (known) Universe, on this afternoon's walk

Thinking about it, that's an unfair comparison. A £5 Pi Zero with a cheap SD card could run rings about the performance of technology like this these days.

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From the June 98 last ever edition of Byte, an article on the Cobalt Qube. I so wanted one of these which seemed to me closer to the open, standards-based future I thought was likely.
A 150MHz RISC processor (MIPS, if I recall) 2.1GB disk & 64MB of RAM all for $1249 can now be beaten by an order of magnitude by a Raspberry Pi & $35.
At the time, I favoured a strategy of pushing such services to our branches, so these were of great interest, but management were still stuck on full centralisation.

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